10 Best Stem Cell Supplements to Naturally Boost Stem Cell Regeneration (2023 Edition)

Stem cells are special cells in the body that are capable of developing into different cell types such as brain cells, muscle cells, among many others. In addition to that, they also have the ability to repair damaged tissues.    If you search online for  stem cell supplements ,  you’re bound to find a long list. Figuring out what to make of all of these supplements can be pretty daunting, as each claims to be the best. You need to be careful with supplements and health claims and especially stem cell supplements. Why? Generally, the process of creating a new supplement is pretty simple. You go online, find some studies that seem to fit what you’re looking for, create a master file, choose your ingredients, and you’re off. Meaning, no original lab or clinical research is performed. For example, to create a stem cell supplement, you could focus on the different ways that stem cells get impacted by supplement ingredients, like proliferat

Fenbendazole for Cancer: 2023 Review

What Is Fenbendazole? Fenbendazole (also called Fenben) is a broad spectrum anthelmintic used against gastrointestinal parasites including: giardia, roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, the tapeworm genus Taenia (but not effective against Dipylidium caninum, a common dog tapeworm), pinworms, aelurostrongylus, paragonimiasis, strongyles, and strongyloides that can be administered to sheep, cattle, horses, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, most reptiles, freshwater shrimp tanks as planaria and hydra treatments, as well as seals. Common brand names include Pancur, Panacur C and Safe-Guard. However, it is also being used by humans in a cancer treatment method known as the Joe Tippens Protocol. Is fenbendazole a cancer cure scam?  One study suggests that fenbendazole has “been safely utilized as an anti-parasitic for various different animal species and could be repurposed for treating human malignancies.” Other benzimidazoles, including albendazole, parbendazole, mebendazole and


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