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Cod Liver Oil: Benefits and Side Effects 2021

Cod Liver Oil vs Fish Oil : What's the Difference? Fish oil and cod liver oil are derived from different fish sources and have unique benefits. Fish oil is usually derived from fatty fish like herring, tuna, salmon and mackerels. Cod liver oil comes from the liver of codfish. Both have omega-3 fatty acids, but cod liver oil has the added vitamins A and D. It’s safer to take only fish oil or cod liver oil, but not both. This is because cod liver oil contains very high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D, thus taking too much could be toxic. For the purpose of treating arthritis, fish oil is the safer choice. However, if you want the added benefits of Vitamin A and D, cod liver oil may be a better choice. The health benefits of both types of oil are their high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which support many body functions and may prevent certain ailments. Our body can’t make Omega 3 on its own, which is why we need to get it externally. These fatty acids are eicosapentaenoic acid (E

Prophylaxis for COVID-19 (Prevention Protocols) - FLCCC I-MASK+ and Zelenko 2022

Prophylaxis is a treatment given to prevent a disease. A prophylactic treatment is a treatment that you take while you are still healthy, in order to prevent getting ill. The main strategy for prevention endorsed by most health authorities is vaccination. Get vaccinated if possible. If you have not yet been vaccinated, the following prevention protocols have components that have been proven to reduce the risk of getting a COVID infection. FLCCC-I-MASK+ Prevention Protocol For prevention, the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Working Group (FLCCC) I-MASK+ protocol recommends (updated June 30, 2021): Vitamin D3 : 1000–3000 IU/day. Note RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) is 800–1000 IU/day. The safe upper-dose daily limit is likely < 4000 IU/day. Vitamin D deficiency has been associated with an increased risk of acquiring COVID-19 and from dying from the disease. Vitamin D supplementation may therefore prove to be an effective and cheap intervention to lessen the impact of this disease,


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