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Top 7 Foods to Help Fight Depression

While there are hundreds of articles, dietary strategies, government agencies and food manufacturers designed to offer information on how to fight disease and optimize your health, you may be surprised to find that before the featured study, none concentrated on brain health or mental disorders as recently as  2007 . In  September 2018 , researchers reported the results of a study focused on finding the best foods to eat to help fight depression. Dr. Laura R. LaChance and a team from the University of Toronto, and Drew Ramsey from the department of psychiatry at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, tackled the initiative. According to the  study :   "A systematic literature review was conducted to derive a list of Antidepressant Nutrients from the 34 nutrients known to be essential for humans using level of evidence criteria. Nutritional data was extracted for a subset of foods with a high content of at least (one) Antidepressant Nutrient using a USDA (U.S

ADHD Pill Shortage Impacts Productivity: ‘People Unable to Focus’

Supply chain issues have impacted the availability of everything from bicycles and lumber to hot sauce and cream cheese. 1  Now it’s medications that are being affected — specifically Adderall, a popular stimulant drug often prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), but which is also used by an increasing number of youth and young adults to increase productivity and stay awake. 2 The problem began with a labor shortage at Teva Pharmaceuticals, the top supplier of Adderall and its generic counterpart to the U.S., during the summer of 2022. This led to a limited supply of the pills, which soon spread to other manufacturers, including Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Rhodes Pharmaceuticals and Novartis, all of which had generic Adderall on backorder. 3 With the pills suddenly unavailable, a harsh reality set in for people across the U.S., as depression, irritability and difficulty concentrating occurred as symptoms of withdrawal. So many people are taking the drugs that


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