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Colonoscopy: The Truth About That 10-year Follow-up Colonoscopy (Part 4)

Researchers delving into the timing of subsequent colonoscopies found that for some people, the risks are no different if they wait 15 years instead of 10. The invasive and expensive nature of colonoscopies makes determining how to maximize their usefulness—particularly when it comes to follow-up screenings—a prominent topic of research. It’s undisputed that the surgical-based test can save lives, but the timing remains a moving target. Three years ago, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force lowered the recommended age for the first colorectal cancer screening by five years—from 50 years of age to 45. Now, the gap between the first and second tests is being scrutinized. Long-term data used in a JAMA Oncology study published May 2 suggests it may be time to move the follow-up screening back five years in certain circumstances. Specifically, the study indicates that anyone who doesn’t have a family history of colorectal cancer and whose first colonoscopy was free of polyps—abnormal tis

Summit Therapeutics touts a rare triumph over Keytruda in lung cancer from a China-only Phase 3 study

Hours before America’s biggest cancer conference starts in Chicago, a small biotech may have stolen the show, touting late-stage results in a Thursday afternoon press release that added over $5 billion to its market capitalization — with one major caveat. Summit Therapeutics said its experimental cancer drug beat Merck’s flagship immunotherapy Keytruda in a head-to-head Phase 3 study of non-small cell lung cancer patients in China. The Miami-based biotech said it was the first time a cancer drug has pulled off the feat of toppling Keytruda in this type of cancer. The readout triggered a multibillion-dollar stock swing, with Summit $SMMT closing up 272% on Thursday and commanding a $7.7 billion market capitalization. Merck saw its shares $MRK fall just over 1%. For all the market excitement, the results come from an interim analysis described in a press release without disclosing specific clinical results. Summit said the full dataset will be presented later this year at a medical confe

The Surprising Potential of Ivermectin Against Cancer: Dr. Kathleen Ruddy (Transcript)

Full Transcript Jan Jekielek: Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, such a pleasure to have you on American Thought Leaders. Dr. Kathleen Ruddy:  Thank you for having me. Mr. Jekielek:  You are deeply involved with the FLCCC [Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance] and you are also working on ivermectin as a possible treatment for cancer. This might be astonishing to some people. Ivermectin is a very famous drug for treating river blindness and has saved millions of lives. We know it’s effective for treating Covid-19, especially at its early stage. There have been a lot of studies done on this. Dr. Kathleen Ruddy:  I have to say that I was also astonished that ivermectin has potential as an anti-cancer agent. I’m a cancer surgeon. We don’t do parasites. We don’t do ivermectin. I was not really even familiar with those people who use ivermectin. In the early days of Covid, when it became clear that ivermectin was effective in preventing and treating patients with a SARS-CoV-2 infection, I looked at t


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