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Healthy, simple, gluten-free alternatives to bread, buns, and wraps

If you eat a gluten-free diet or want to try one, it’s natural to want to take the easy way out: Eat your standard American fare, such as sandwiches, and replace the wheat   bread   or tortillas you’re accustomed to eating with gluten-free bread or tortillas. Although doing so can prevent reactions to gluten, going gluten-free this way can lead to new, non-gluten-related ailments and diseases, such as weight gain, increased blood sugar levels, and insulin-related health conditions. That’s because gluten-free grain flours and starches (i.e., rice flour, corn meal, sorghum flour, millet flour, corn starch, tapioca starch, cassava starch, and potato starch) are high in calories and carbohydrates and high glycemic, meaning that they can spike blood sugar levels. An alternative to gluten-free bread is lower-carb, lower-glycemic, grain-free tortillas, which can work well on occasion. But the healthiest, most nutrient-rich alternatives to bread are easy-to-fix ones made from vegetables and fr

When Gluten-Free Eating Is the Best Medicine - Melissa Diane Smith

My investigation into gluten began more than 20 years ago and revealed some surprising things about this problematic protein. I interviewed a woman named Victoria for my book “Going Against the Grain” (2002) who had unexplained low blood iron counts that kept getting lower each year for, believe it or not, a period of 20 years. At one point, she was taking nine iron supplements a day, and none of the doctors she had seen could determine why she wasn’t properly absorbing iron. She grew sicker: She kept getting more and more exhausted, extremely pale and short of breath, and her fingernails were curling up. Finally, after a two-decade-long health journey, she ended up seeing one more gastroenterologist, who gave her the answer to her condition: She had celiac disease, an autoimmune reaction in the gut to the gluten in wheat and other grains, and it could be corrected with a change in her diet. After “Going Against the Grain” was published, a client named Pam, who was diagnosed with osteo

Fat for Fuel - Dr Joseph Mercola

What I Learned In 1995 Forever Shaped My View On Cancer And Chronic Disease Surprisingly, my seven years of medical school and family practice residency never addressed the root cause of common chronic illness. All I was taught was how to manage symptoms through the use of pharmaceuticals and medical procedures. Then, in 1995, my understanding of chronic disease took a quantum leap. I was introduced to Dr. Ron Rosedale and his breakthrough views on clinical metabolic biochemistry. In a nutshell, Dr. Rosedale taught me that defective metabolic processes in your mitochondria, not your genetic makeup, cause cancer and nearly all other chronic diseases, including accelerated aging. And what causes these faulty processes? Insulin and leptin receptor resistance from too many net carbs and activation of the mTOR metabolic signaling pathway by too much protein. Let me put this into more easily understood terms… When you eat too many sugars and carbs  without fiber , along wit


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