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Principles of Treating Chronic Illness - Dr Minkoff (2023)

Dr. David Minkoff is a pioneer in natural medicine with an active practice in Clearwater, Florida. In this interview, we dive deep into some of his best strategies to optimize your health and resolve common health challenges that conventional medicine is incapable of resolving. Like me, he’s passionate about exercise and has been an avid athlete since his youth. So far, he’s participated in 43 Ironman competitions and will be doing another in September 2022. “Most of my practice is chronically ill people, but I have worked with some very high-end athletes, and I can really help them because I understand what kind of metabolism you need to do to be able to perform consistently at a high level,” he says. “I've sort of been in the laboratory myself, and that's been very helpful.” Minkoff’s Journey Minkoff has had a rather eclectic medical training, including adult and pediatric infectious disease. In 1995, his wife, a registered nurse, took him

Dr. David Brownstein on Natural Protocols for Respiratory and Covid Viruses

  Highlights: Importance of hormones to overall health Importance of maintaining adequate iodine levels Natural therapy for COVID How to maintain a properly functioning immune system In this episode, we have Dr. David Brownstein. Dr. David Brownstein is a family physician that specializes in using vitamins, minerals, herbs, and natural hormones, and utilizes nutritional therapies. He shares how he went from being a doctor practicing conventional medicine to becoming a holistic doctor. He talks about how he has helped his patients recover from COVID and gives some tips on strengthening our immune system so we can have a good immune response to stressors or illnesses. Update: Doctor David Brownstein's COVID-19 Protocol (2023) Intro: Hello, true health seeker and welcome to another exciting episode of the Learn True Health podcast. You're going to love Dr. David Brownstein who has a very interesting story that he shares right off the bat at the beginning of the show. I don't w


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