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The 100 Billion Dollar Ingredient Making Your Food Toxic

Many people think it’s sugar, but I believe this health bomb is far worse. If you consume more than 5 grams of it each day, you could be giving chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease and tumors a head start in your body. In the featured video ( YouTube account terminated ), independent journalist Corey Lynn and I discuss tips on how to stay healthy and what we can do, at the individual and community level, to fight medical tyranny. The first question I address is how to address stress. After more than two years of pandemic pandemonium, most are “running on empty.”   This topic is covered in greater depth in a new book I’m writing, called “The New Take Control of Your Health,” which is an update of my 2017 book “Take Control of Your Health.” The update will hopefully be available later this year.   Essentially, the book will cover dozens of strategies that act as hormetic stressors, such that if you do them, you will develop natural resiliency against near

15 Best Quercetin Zinc Immune Support Supplements 2023

What Is Quercetin? Quercetin is an antioxidant that belongs to a class of water-soluble plant substances called flavonoids, which are present in certain fruits and vegetables. According to  an article  in Current Research in Nutrition and Food Science, the bioavailability of quercetin absorbed by your body varies, depending on the source where you get it, as well as your individual body’s metabolism of it. Sugar and dietary fat and fiber also affect it. While the best way to get quercetin is through your diet, it also is available in supplement form, as pills or capsules. Sometimes, quercetin in supplement form is packaged with bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, because both have anti-inflammatory properties (Quercetin & Bromelain for inflammation). Most dietary supplements contain a chemical compound, aglycone, which is the free form of quercetin. When looking for and using quercetin supplements, it’s important to maintain a nutritious, bal


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