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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) — A Vastly Underused Treatment Modality

While commonly used to speed up stubborn wounds and tissue infections, hyperbaric medicine can also be helpful in the treatment of infectious diseases such as COVID  ( R ) . It’s also enormously useful for stroke patients. I can't think of a more effective intervention than to get the stroke patient into a series of hyperbaric treatments as quickly as possible. HBOT for General Health and Disease Reversal Every cell in your body, with the exception of your red blood cells (which have no mitochondria that require oxygen), requires oxygen to create energy. Many chronic diseases of the modern world involve decreased mitochondrial function, increased systemic inflammation, and an inability of cells to generate the required amounts of energy for optimal function. “We use hyperbaric oxygen, traditionally, for these terrible and severe conditions,” Sonners says. Unfortunately, it’s typically a last resort, literally right before an amputation surgery or as a li

Deaths After HPV Vaccination?

With nearly two decades of experience as a medical doctor with a doctorate in infectious disease, I have been dedicated to extensive research, allowing me to acquire profound insights into diverse viruses and vaccines. I have been actively engaged in numerous clinical research projects, acquiring a wealth of knowledge in assessing the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products. My expertise extends beyond laboratory experiments and encompasses a comprehensive understanding of their tangible impact on individuals. Since taking the sacred Hippocratic oath 32 years ago, which solemnly emphasizes the principle: “First, do no harm,” I have felt a profound sense of responsibility. This responsibility compels me to write about the HPV vaccine, which carries significant implications for the lives of young individuals. For those who are considering the HPV vaccine, here are my thoughts and recommendations. HPV Vaccines and CDC Recommendations There have been  three HPV vaccines —the quadri


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