7 Best Magnesium for Mitochondrial Function 2024

Magnesium is the fourth most abundant element in your body and one of the seven essential minerals we cannot live without.

An essential dietary mineral, it is a required mineral co-factor in over 300 enzymes in the body. Since over 68% of Americans are magnesium deficient, this would be a good mineral to start consuming.

What is Mitochondria?

Mitochondria play a critical role in the production of necessary energy for the cell's survival and functioning. They are responsible for most of the useful energy obtained from the breakdown of carbohydrates and fatty acids, which is transformed to ATP via the oxidative phosphorylation process.

Magnesium and Mitochondria Health

Magnesium can help increase oxidative capacity, the ability of your mitochondria to produce ATP from oxygen. Most people only tend to focus that oxidative capacity only depends on the availability of oxygen, however, the truth is this activity also critically relies on your mitochondria.

A study showed that at the cellular level, magnesium improved mitochondrial function with increased ATP, decreased mitochondrial ROS and Ca2+ overload, and repolarized mitochondrial membrane potential. In conclusion, Mg supplementation improved mitochondrial function, reduced oxidative stress, and prevented diastolic dysfunction in diabetes mellitus.

Best Magnesium for Mitochondria

1. NOW Supplements, Magnesium Malate 1000 mg

NOW Supplements, Magnesium Malate 1000 mg


Best Magnesium Supplement for Fibromyalgia

– Elemental Magnesium
Magnesium is a mineral that is critical for energy production and metabolism, muscle contraction, nerve impulse transmission and bone mineralization.

– Nervous System Support*
It is a required cofactor for an estimated 300 enzymes. Among the reactions catalyzed by these enzymes are fatty acid synthesis, protein synthesis, and glucose metabolism.

– Krebs Cycle Intermediate
Malate is an important Krebs cycle intermediate, indicating that it is an important molecule in the production of cellular energy derived from carbohydrates.

– GMP Quality Assured
NPA A-rated GMP certification means that every aspect of the NOW manufacturing process has been examined, including our laboratory/testing methods (for stability, potency, and product formulation).

4.6 out of 5 – more than 1,600 global ratings
This has helped me so much with my energy level....

2. Source Naturals Magnesium Malate

Magnesium Malate supports energy production, healthy metabolism and promotes healthy nervous function.
- 3,750 mg per serving (6 Capsules)
- Well Made Supplement. Contains no yeast, dairy, egg, gluten, soy or wheat. Contains no sugar, starch, preservatives, or artificial color, flavor or fragrance.

Suggested Use: 2 to 6 capsules daily with a meal.

4.7 out of 5 - more than 3,700 global ratings

This was recommended by my doctor for muscle support and energy production, as it says. Have been taking 4 per day with meals and it seems to be doing a great job. Thank you.

3. BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex | 300mg of Magnesium Glycinate, Malate, & Citrate

Maximum Absorption & Potent Magnesium Supplement
Bioemblem triple magnesium complex features 300mg of three types of pure magnesium (glycinate, malate, citrate). Each is chelate or highly absorbable for maximum bioavailability. Our formula is easy on the stomach and "Non-buffered," meaning this blend isn't diluted with less expensive and less absorbable magnesium oxide.*

- supports calmness & improved sleep
- promotes heart health and energy production
- bone density & muscle recovery
- 3rd party tested & bioemblem quality

4.6 out of 5 - more than 9,600 global ratings

BioEmblem Triple Magnesium Complex Reviews
My whole life, my energy fluctuates. I relied on those good days. This wasn’t the best if I tried to be consistent on my goals. I had low iron and vitamin d and got that fixed. Started eating healthy, got that fixed. My energy still wasn’t at its peak.

However, once I introduced magnesium into my life, my life is changing. I get up and been attacking my goals! I feel more lively as I have the energy to have momentum toward my goals.

I take a stomach medication (Omeprazole) daily and i heard somewhere that did can make you low on magnesium. Not sure if it’s true though. If it is, it makes sense why I feel better after introducing magnesium.

4. Double Wood Supplements Magnesium Malate Capsules

Double Wood Supplements Magnesium Malate Capsules


- Magnesium Bonded to Malic Acid
Our Magnesium Malate consists of 225mg of Magnesium bonded to 1,275mg of Malic Acid (Provides over 50% of Daily Magnesium Intake)

- Bioavailable Form 
Some research suggests Magnesium Malate may be the most bioavailable form of magnesium.

- Many Health Benefits
Magnesium Malate helps support exercise endurance, mood, nerve, and joint health

- Vegan, Non-Gmo, Gluten Free 
Double Wood's Magnesium Malate is Vegan, Non-Gmo, and Gluten Free

4.7 out of 5 - more than 2,300 global ratings

This company is amazing! They create an extraordinary product at a great price point and the customer service is beyond amazing. I started feeling a difference in my body just after one week of taking this magnesium, I am much more relaxed, I sleep better and my digestion is working much better. It gives me energy in the morning and helps me relax more at night, so I sleep better. I highly recommend this product to any one with a magnesium deficiency to make it all right!

5. KAL® Magnesium Malate Supplement

KAL® Magnesium Malate Supplement

- A Source of Strength
Provides nutritive support for energy production and healthy muscle function

- Energize With Malate
Malic acid is a key nutrient in the krebs (energy) cycle

- Carefully Crafted
Made right in our own facility, kal magnesium is chelated and highly bioavailable

- Digestion Ease
Activtab technology provides tablet disintegration in 30 minutes per USP standards

4.4 out of 5 - more than 1,100 global ratings 

Big pills and supplements that ACTUALLY work usually are cohesive and I have gotten use to them. These pill have helped improve so many aspects of my health but mostly my sleep and energy. They are a must have.

6. FarmHaven Magnesium Glycinate & Malate Complex w/ Vitamin D3

Max Absorption Magnesium & Vitamin D3
Our magnesium pills combine 250mg of magnesium Glycinate & Malate, 800 IU of Vitamin D3, and magnesium-rich veggies like spinach in easy-to-swallow capsules. Magnesium works perfectly with Vitamin D3 to support healthy muscles, strong bones, and more without any laxative effect.*

- promotes healthy muscles & better sleep
- boosts bone strength & immune system
- veggies help energy & headaches
- labdoor tested, made in usa, & vegan

4.5 out of 5 - more than 2,000 global ratings

I’m really happy I found this magnesium supplement (after a long search!) It has the types of magnesium I was looking for with addition of vit D and veggies which as a new mother I’m in need of. I actually get a boost of energy after I take it so I take it early on in the day. It GMP too which is important in a supplement.

7. Seeking Health Magnesium Malate Powder 

Magnesium Malate is a powdered magnesium supplement providing magnesium as dimagnesium malate. The bioavailable malate form supports optimal magnesium absorption and energy production.* Binding magnesium to malate (malic acid) supports magnesium’s absorption into the body. Along with magnesium, malate also supports energy production. It is an important compound used in the Krebs cycle to produce energy (ATP).*

- potent, powdered magnesium supplement
- well-absorbed dimalate form of magnesium*
- supports healthy energy, muscles, nerves, and calm*

 4.5 out of 5 - more than 600 global ratings

I like the fact that it is not in pill form and easily dissolves. I would not recommend that anyone uses just water because of the taste unless they have a strong constitution. Dose not leave any after taste (that I can detect) if mixed with a juice or other drinks. I have noticed an increase in energy (I suffer from ms so any increase in energy is noticeable) and other functions but to be fair it is not the only recent change I have made.


a. What Happens if Mitochondria Stopped Working?

When the mitochondria fail, the cells do not receive enough energy. Unused oxygen and fuel molecules accumulate in cells and cause harm.

Different mitochondrial diseases have different symptoms. It relies on the number of damaged mitochondria and their location in the body. Sometimes only one type of cell, tissue, or organ is impacted. However, the issue frequently impacts a lot of them. Due to the high energy requirements of muscle and nerve cells, neurological and muscular issues are frequently happened.

b. Magnesium Recommended Dose

The recommended dietary allowance for magnesium is 310 to 420 mg per day depending on your age and sex, but many experts believe you may need 600 to 900 mg per day, which is more in line with the magnesium uptake during the Paleolithic period.

As noted in Open Heart:
“Investigations of the macro- and micro-nutrient supply in Paleolithic nutrition of the former hunter/gatherer societies showed a magnesium uptake with the usual diet of about 600 mg magnesium/day …

This means our metabolism is best adapted to a high magnesium intake … In developed countries, the average intake of magnesium is slightly over 4 mg/kg/day … [T]he average intake of magnesium in the USA is around 228 mg/day in women and 266mg/day in men …”

The key to effectively using higher doses, however, is to make sure you avoid loose bowels as that will disrupt your gut microbiome, which would be highly counterproductive.

Magnesium Dose for Kids

> Toddlers (1 to 3 years old) – 80mg
> Kids (4 to 8 years old) – 130 mg
> Kids (9 to 12 years old) – 240mg

c. Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

Along with the measurement, you should track signs and symptoms of magnesium deficiency, such as..
  • Muscle spasms, especially “charley horses” or spasms in your calf muscle that happen when you stretch your leg, and/or eye twitches
  • Numbness or tingling in your extremities
  • Insulin resistance
  • High blood pressure, heart arrhythmias and/or coronary spasms
  • Increased number of headaches and/or migraines
  • Low energy, fatigue and/or loss of appetite
The Trousseau sign — To check for this sign, a blood pressure cuff is inflated around your arm. The pressure should be greater than your systolic blood pressure and maintained for three minutes. By occluding the brachial artery in your arm, spasms in your hand and forearm muscles are induced. If you are magnesium deficient, the lack of blood flow will cause your wrist and metacarpophalangeal joint to flex and your fingers to adduct.

d. What Food is Highest in Magnesium?

• Avocados.
• Seeds and nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Flaxseed, Peanuts, Pumpkin seeds.
• Fatty fish.
• Legumes: Black beans, Edamame, Lima bean.
• Fiber-rich whole grains: Quinoa, Shredded wheat.
• Fruits and berries: Papaya, Raspberries, Tomato, Cantaloupe, Strawberries and Watermelon.
• Leafy Greens: Spinach, Swiss chard, Turnip greens, Beet greens, Collard greens, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Kale, Bok Choy, Romaine lettuce.



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