Best Telehealth Companies 2022

How Can Telemedicine Help?

Telemedicine (Matusitz and Breen, 2007) is useful when:
- Patients live far away from medical facilities
- Patients live in remote communities
- Patients are housebound
- Patients are easily stressed in a formal medical environment
- Patients have difficulty finding transport to medical facilities
- Patients are unable to deal with long waiting periods
- Patients or doctors are at high risk of infection (e.g. lowered immunity, communicable diseases and drug-resistant infections such as MRSA/methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus)

Telemedicine (Matusitz and Breen, 2007) can also:
- Reduce the number of outpatient visits
- Reduce the overall cost of healthcare
- Reduce the risk of disease or parasites spreading
- Make medical information sharing and education easier
- Make healthcare more accessible to more people

While doctors cannot conduct physical exams through telemedicine, it lets them take history and use visual cues to make a diagnosis.

Role of Telemedicine in Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, mandatory social distancing and the lack of effective treatments has made telemedicine the safest interactive system between patients, both infected and uninfected, and clinicians.

Telehealth vs Telemedicine

What is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is the practice of medicine using technology to deliver care at a distance. A physician in one location uses a telecommunications infrastructure to deliver care to a patient at a distant site.

What is Telehealth?
Telehealth refers broadly to electronic and telecommunications technologies and services used to provide care and services at-a-distance.

What's the Difference Between Telehealth and Telemedicine?
Telehealth is different from telemedicine in that it refers to a broader scope of remote health care services than telemedicine. Telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services, while telehealth can refer to remote non-clinical services.

Best Telehealth and Telemedicine Companies 2022

1. Doctor on Demand

- Primary Care
- Care Team Support
- Preventive Health : Lifestyle counseling / Health Screenings / Childhood Development etc
- Chronic Condition : Management and Prevention - Asthma / Diabetes etc

- Urgent Care
Doctor on Demand’s urgent care services can treat issues such as headaches, fever, skin conditions, allergies, and health problems specific to women and men. The service isn’t intended for problems that may require emergency room care, though, including chest pain, severe burns, broken bones, and difficulty breathing.

- Mental Health Care
Doctor on Demand has a free mental health assessment that can help you determine if you’d benefit from professional counseling services. Its network of therapists and psychiatrists offer talk therapy and medication management, as well as diagnoses for depression, anxiety, and other mood disorders.

Doctor on Demand Review
I started using Dr on Demand because my insurance sent me an email that they covered it and I liked the idea of being able to meet with doctors from my living room. I’m currently working with a psychologist and a psychiatrist and the quality of care is just as good as being in an office except I don’t have to wear pants lol the best part is they are ON TIME. I’ve never had to wait beyond our appointment time to start a session. I did have a connectivity issue once but the customer service team had great service and refunded my copay and didn’t charge my insurance for the visit. I like that I can read a bio about my doctors before I choose to work with them. Some are available the same day and others don’t have appointments available for a few weeks, but I find scheduling options open up a lot more after your initial visit, at least for therapy. Haven’t needed to use it for a medical visit yet but I would totally use this app if I needed an antibiotic or something like that vs having to go into my normal primary care office and waiting an hour or more.

The only downfall to this app is that you cannot get in touch with doctors between appointments. I can imagine why that is, but it would be so awesome if it had a messaging or voicemail service, even if they charged per message or had limitations on how often/what you could use it for.

Cost (Accepts insurance like Medicare and Medicaid)
- 15-minute live sessions: $75
- Therapy: $129
- Psychiatry: $299

2. MDLive

MDLIVE is a 24/7 platform that provides telemedicine services via video, phonecalls or their MDLive app. It is not a virtual primary care provider, thus clients can't see a doctor on a regular basis through this platform. Doctors can write prescriptions for most medications. However, they cannot order lab tests or interpret results.

> Urgent care - Same day appointments for urgent care
> Dermatology - Dermatologists can provide a quick diagnosis of skin conditions via photo or video chat.
> Therapy / Talk Therapy

> Psychiatry / Psychiatric Assessments
Counselors in the MDLIVE network are on call 24/7 to help with a variety of behavioral health concerns. Counseling is available for children and adolescents.

Cost - Prices are lower with insurance
Medical care: $82
Dermatology: $75
Counseling: $108
Psychiatry: $284/initial visit and $108/follow-up appointment

MDLive Review
First, a 10 minute wait to see a doctor is unheard of today. It was eight minutes. 
Second, this doctor actually read my chart and the notes before he came online. That was another first in my experience. 
Third, he asked the best questions. He asked questions directly related to what was happening to me and what had happened in my recent history that was associated to this call. 

Fourth, I have a condition that is worsening. He actually broached that fact and the fact that I really need to see a specialist and what the consequences for me are short term and long term. My own PC will not talk to me about my condition. 
Fifth, he offered an alternative medication that has not been tried and I’m excited about using this med as a short-term treatment until I can see a specialist. Sixth, when he wished me well and hoped that I would feel better soon, it was authentic. He actually hopes that I will get relief and get back on my feet shortly. That was absolutely unique. 

I don’t know if every doctor in the service is as good as Dr. Lynn, but if they come close, they are better than the majority of doctors out there these days in my experience.

Doctor on Demand and MDLIVE are both large-scale telehealth companies that offer medical services as well as behavioral services, including talk therapy, psychiatry, and medication management.

MDLIVE focuses on medical, talk therapy, psychiatry, and dermatology, while Doctor on Demand focuses on medical, talk therapy, psychiatry, and preventative care.

Doctor on Demand offers 25-minute sessions for $129 and 50-minute sessions for $179. Initial psychiatrist appointments cost $299 and 15-minute follow-ups are $129. 

MDLIVE sessions are all 45 minutes and cost $108. Initial psychiatric visits are $278, with follow-ups costing $108.

Both can be pricey if you pay out-of-pocket, but they accept multiple insurance companies so you could pay significantly less if your plan is in-network.

User Satisfaction
Doctor on Demand has a slight edge. Of the users we surveyed, 75% of Doctor on Demand said the services were very good or excellent, beating the 67% at MDLIVE that said the same. Eighty-two percent of Doctor on Demand users who had tried other services said Doctor on Demand was a little or much better.

3. Amwell

- Urgent Care :  Consultation available 24/7, no appointment needed to see a doctor.
- Second Opinions : Cleveland Clinic acts as a partner that provides its MyConsult service, which offers a second opinion on third party diagnosis.
- Mental Health Care : One on one counseling, mental illness screening, medication management
- Dermatology
- Pediatrics
- Women's Health : Pregnant, postpartum, breastfeeding, menopause
- Doctors can provide prescriptions for drugs, but cannot order lab tests
- Does not include primary care

Cost (Accepts insurance)
Urgent care: $79
Therapy: $99 Master’s degree / $110 for Ph.D. 
Psychiatry: $269 Initial assessment / $99 Follow-up visits 

Amwell Reviews
I registered, saw a doctor & had the prescription sent in all while waiting to be seen at my local urgent care center! I walked out before they even called my name and I haven't been back since! Excellent app and service that I've recommend to several people I know. I like how it allows you to choose from a list of currently available doctors (with a short bio for each) instead of just connecting you with whoever is next. The app functions without any errors and is easy to use.

MDLIVE’s services cover four areas: medical, therapy, psychiatry, and dermatology. 

Amwell offers medical, talk therapy, and psychiatric services, as well as support around specific issues like nutrition, breastfeeding, and pre- and post-natal care. Neither can provide group, relationship, or family counseling. 

- Both companies are pay-as-you-go referral networks that strive to connect clients with quality providers affordably and as quickly as possible. 

- Both companies also allow users to view and choose from all of the medical professionals available in their states, rather than using a matching algorithm. Both also have customer service lines, which is an advantage over platforms that only offer email-/chat-based support.

- Both services offer medical as well as behavioral health services, giving them a distinct advantage over companies that only offer therapy.

- Neither MDLIVE nor Amwell are emergency services, nor are they replacements for in-person primary care appointments and lab work.

Therapy Services
Therapy sessions with both companies are at least 45 minutes long
Psychiatry visits for both are thirty minutes initially, then 15 minutes per follow-up session. 

Both companies work with insurance providers. Both have well-designed, fairly informative websites that let users check their insurance coverage, view the providers who are available in their states, and learn more about the conditions each can and cannot treat.

4. Teladoc

- Primary360 service matches clients with local doctors
- Get Care Now provides treatment for non emergency ailments like colds, stomachaches and infections.
- Doctors can order lab tests, prescribe medications and share medical notes with other doctors on the client's care team.
- Wellness coaching for spine care, tobacco cessation
- Coaching for chronic conditions like diabetes
- Consultations available 24 hours a day via phone, video chat and Teladoc app

Services (More than 450 fields including..)
- Urgent Care
- Primary Care
- Mental Health Care : Mental health screening with counselors and psychiatrists on call
- Pediatricians
- Nutrition
- STD Testing
- Dermatology

- Everyday Care : $75 per visit (may be free with insurance)

Teladoc Reviews
I’m a first-time user of Teladoc and am VERY impressed. I signed up in less than 5 minutes, then scheduled a visit. I was diagnosed and had a prescription sent within minutes! I had the visit in the privacy of my office. No downtime or PTO used.

Teladoc is a referral network that connects therapy seekers with independent providers.
Amwell employs and oversees its medical professionals.

Both Teladoc and Amwell are large telehealth companies that offer medical and mental health care from licensed therapists, board-certified doctors, and psychiatrists. 

Both have easy-to-navigate, informative websites to attract patients and provide them with reliable information about various medical and behavioral conditions.

Mental Health Services
Both companies offer talk therapy for behavioral issues. psychiatry, medication management, and nutritional support. Both offer services to teenagers with parental consent. 

However, Amwell specializes in specific women’s issues such as breastfeeding support.
Teladoc specializes in issues that may need longer care. 

Talk therapy sessions at both companies are 45 minutes long and take place over a live video call through your online client portal or app. 

Teladoc allows audio sessions with a talk therapist as well, but psychiatric appointments must be done via video. 

Teladoc and Amwell both take insurance.

Amwell helpfully lists dozens of accepted insurance companies right on its homepage.

Teladoc requires users to sign up before they can check if their insurance is accepted. This may deter online therapy seekers who are in the just-browsing stage and only need to know the price.

5. Plushcare - Best Online Doctor for ED

Plushcare is a one stop destination for mental health and primary care. It has a network of doctors from the top 50 medical institutions in the US. 
- All therapists are licensed
- Modern, informative website
- Clients can choose their therapists

- No option to message therapists
- Therapy only for certain states
- Only accepts insurance for primary care, not therapy
- Does not provide therapy for teens, couples or group therapy

- Everyday care
- Urgent care
- Chronic condition management
- Mental health care : Therapists coordinate with doctors on the client's care team that can provide in person assessments and prescribe medication.
- Online therapy : Online talk therapy for grief, life transition, depression, grief and relationship issues.
- Medication Delivery Program : Mails prescription medication directly to the client's home.
- Prescription for ED

My whole family has Covid. My daughter got really sick. Could not get an appointment with her doctor. I found PlushCare when I googled same day appointment. We talked to a doctor literally 10 mins later. Gave her appropriate meds and she is doing much better. Loved not having to leave the house with a sick kid and got the same care without having to sit in a waiting room with other sick people. Dr Garcia was who we saw.

- $99/visit, plus $14.99/month
- Prescription delivery program: $99/month

Both are telehealth companies that expanded to offer mental health services. 

- Doctor on Demand employs psychiatrists and board-certified doctors. 
- PlushCare has board-certified doctors but no psychiatrists.
- Both offer talk therapy services with licensed therapists as well as medication management services. 

While both accept insurance for their primary care services, only Doctor on Demand accepts insurance for its therapy services as well. PlushCare requires you to pay out-of-pocket for its mental health services. 

6. Cerebral - Best Telehealth Platform for Mental Health

Cerebral is a mental health subscription platform that provides customers with ongoing, comprehensive access to online care and medication management for anxiety, depression, and insomnia. The company provides access to medical professionals, care counselors, and licensed therapists for a monthly flat fee

Services - Mental Health and Psychiatric Services
- Postpartum and Bipolar Depression

- Does not provide couples therapy, teen counseling, family therapy, or group therapy.
- Inappropriate for active addiction issues, active eating disorders, relationship issues or dynamic family issues. 
- Not appropriate for severe depression or panic disorders.
- Inappropriate for those in crisis, struggling with suicidal thoughts, or need inpatient care. 
- Inappropriate for those with psychotic disorders or a history of psychosis.

- Medication & Care Counseling Plan : Evaluation, diagnosis, prescription from medical providers, regular video or phone sessions with counselor.  
- Therapy Plan : Weekly video or phone sessions with a licensed therapist. Includes the ability to message your therapist anytime. 

Yes, Cerebral also works well for people with ADHD, postpartum depression, PTSD, and bipolar depression. 

Cerebral Mental Health Reviews
At first, I really was nervous to use an online service for my anxiety. However, the reliability of my care counselor and my prescribing doctor has been super helpful as I know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Plus, medication delivery is really convenient for my busy schedule. Cerebral makes it so easy!!!

Cost (Accepts Insurance)
- Medication & Care Counseling Plan: $85/month
- Therapy Plan: $259/month
- The Medication + Therapy Plan: $325/month

7. K Health - Best Online Doctor for UTI


Primary Care 
K Health Primary Care is a comprehensive, virtual care without the hassle and price of seeing a doctor in-person, available to individuals 18-64. Primary Care is part of the K Health membership, which costs just $12/month, and includes 24/7 text-based Urgent Care, care for kids ages 3-17, anxiety and depression treatment, and more. Everything Primary Care can be done on your phone.

A care team of board-certified clinicians create hyper-personalized care plans to make it easier for you manage chronic disease, change a habit, or just live healthier. Plans include reminders on what health screenings you need, when you’re out of refills, and more.

Your care team can remotely prescribe and refill medication, order lab tests, and more.

- Urgent Care : Doctors available 24/7
- Mental Health
- Pediatrics
- Provides consultation and medication for UTI infections
- Free diagnostic tool on the app

- $12/month for primary care and urgent care
- $23/visit



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