Lumbrokinase vs Nattokinase vs Serrapeptase: What's the Difference?

Lumbrokinase, nattokinase, and serrapeptase are all enzymes that have been studied for their potential health benefits. They are all considered as proteolytic enzymes. Proteolytic enzymes have a variety of roles in the body, from helping to digest food to taking part in the immune response.

What is Lumbrokinase?

Lumbrokinase (LK) is an enzyme derived from earthworms is thought to aid in blood clot prevention, inflammation reduction, and circulation problems. 

Lumbrokinase for Blood Clots

Thrombolytic agents typically used to dissolve clots are urokinase (u-PA), streptokinase, and tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA). These drugs, however, are not specific for fibrin and have adverse and dangerous side effects including severe bleeding and heavy blood loss which may result in death. In contrast, LK is very specific to fibrin as a substrate and it does not cause excessive bleeding. It can dissolve the fibrin itself or convert plasminogen to plasmin by inducing endogenous t-PA activity to dissolve fibrin clots (Source)

Interestingly, for more than ten years, clinical trials have also used lumbrokinase as an oral supplement to support and maintain healthy cardiovascular function as well as to treat cardiovascular diseases.

According to some studies, post-ischemic treatment with lumbrokinase attenuates myocardial I-R injury through the activation of Sirt1 signaling, and thus enhances autophagic flux and reduces I-R-induced oxidative damage, inflammation and apoptosis.

As of June 2023, a simple PubMed keyword search of "lumbrokinase" generated 89 results, with papers dating as far back as 1991. However, performing the same keyword search in one of the largest Chinese digital periodicals database ( generated over 650 publications! 

What is Nattokinase?

Nattokinase (NK) is an enzyme derived from a traditional Japanese food called natto, and it is thought to help lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and improve circulation. 

Nattokinase for Blood Clots

Nattokinase dissolves blood clots by directly hydrolyzing fibrin and plasmin substrate. It converts endogenous prourokinase to urokinase (uPA). It also degrades plasminogen activator inhibitor (PAI-1) and increases the level of tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA). (Source)

Furthermore, a study has also suggests that daily NK supplementation is an effective way to manage the progression of atherosclerosis and potentially may be a better alternative to statins which are commonly used to reduce atherosclerosis and further to prevent cardiovascular attack and stroke in patients.

In this clinical study (Chen 2022) involving 1,062 participants, the objective was to examine the efficacy of NK (nattokinase) in atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia and safety at the dose of 10,800 FU/day after 12 months of oral administration. 

Authors found that NK at a dose of 10,800 FU/day effectively managed the progression of atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia with a significant improvement in the lipid profile. The lipid-lowering effect of NK was more prominent in subjects who smoked, drank alcohol, and subjects with higher BMI. Regular exercise further improved the effects of NK. 

Co-administration of vitamin K2 and aspirin with NK produced a synergetic effect. In conclusion, the data demonstrate that atherosclerosis progression and hyperlipidemia can be effectively managed with NK at a dose of 10,800 FU/day. The lower dose of 3,600 FU per day is ineffective. Some lifestyle factors and the coadministration of vitamin K2 and aspirin lead to improved outcomes in the use of NK. The findings provide clinical evidence on the effective dose of NK in the management of cardiovascular disease and challenge the recommended dose of 2,000 FU per day.

Tanikawa et al. (2022) examined the effect of nattokinase on the COVID-19 spike protein. In the first experiment, they demonstrated that spike was degraded in a time and dose-dependent manner in a cell lysate preparation that could be similar to a vaccine recipient. The second experiment demonstrated that nattokinase degraded the spike protein in SARS-CoV-2 infected cells. This was reproduced in a similar study done by Oba and colleagues in 2021.

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What is Serrapeptase?

Serrapeptase is an enzyme derived from silkworms and is thought to lessen pain, thin the blood, and reduce inflammation. Although more research is required to pinpoint their precise effects, all three enzymes may have potential health advantages.

Serrapeptase for Blood Clots

Serratiopeptidase is known to dissolve blood clots and artherosclerotic plaques by breaking down fibrin and other dead or damaged tissue. It can also remove deposits of fatty substances, cholesterol, and cellular waste inside the arteries. The fibrinolytic property of serratiopeptidase may also help with the problems of thick blood, risk of stroke, and thrombophlebitis. (Source)

Lumbrokinase vs Nattokinase vs Serrapeptase

Lumberkinase is good for angina, diabetes, heart disease, lyme disease, stroke prevention, DVT prevention. Lumberkinase can promote both fibrolysis and fibronogenesis so it can both break down or build up fibrin, depending on the body’s needs. 

Is lumbrokinase stronger than nattokinase or serrapeptase? In a study comparing lumbrokinase to Serrapeptidase, aka serrapeptase, and nattokinase on a milligram to milligram basis, researchers found that lumbrokinase is about 300 times (1/294) stronger than serrapeptase and 30 times (1/36) times stronger than nattokinase. (R)

Nattokinase is good for atherosclerosis (add magnesium), vascular health, stroke prevention, clot prevention. Interestingly, Nattokinase also contains high amounts of vitamin K2. K2 helps to pull the calcium where it shouldn’t be and into the bone where it should be. Low amount of K2 cause calcium to build up in the arteries.

Serrapeptase is good for healthy anti-inflammatory response. It induces fibrolynic anti inflammatory and anti-edemic activity to tissues. This helps desire dissolve scar tissue inflammation like uterine fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes. They are superior for anti inflammatory effects because they have ability to dissolve the fibrous and or scar tissue due to inflammation. 

If you want to take these enzyme, best to take with an empty stomach. The dose varies depending on your condition. Best to consult your doctor for deciding the right dose and whether you need these supplement.

Is lumbrokinase stronger than nattokinase
Credit: Oasis Medical Institute

Ultimately, the choice between lumbrokinase, nattokinase or serrapeptase may come down to personal preference, individual health needs, and consultation with a healthcare professional. All these enzymes have shown promise in promoting cardiovascular health and reducing the risk of certain health conditions.

Important Safety Information: Do not take while using blood thinners or if you are pregnant or nursing.

Best Lumbrokinase Supplements

1. Doctor's Best Lumbrokinase

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- Doctor’s Best Lumbrokinase
Is a highly active enzyme that may be used to support healthy cardiovascular function. Helps to maintain healthier blood and lower blood viscosity.

- Unique Enzymes
Lumbrokinase consists of a group of highly stable fibrinolytic enzymes, that have been studied and utilized extensively in China for many years. Lumbrokinase is a group of fibrinolytic enzymes originally derived from the earthworm Lumbricus rubellus.

- Clinical Studies 
A study reinforces the effect of lumbrokinase on blood circulation and showed a decrease in blood viscosity significantly. By reducing fibrinogen resulted in fibrinolysis, a breakdown of blood clots.

- Optimal Absorption
Each vegetarian capsule contains pure lumbrokinase designed for optimal absorption in the intestinal tract. The enzyme activity is measured in units: Lumbrokinase 20mg is equal to 360,000 units of enzyme activity.

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The brand is good. Must have if you have clots and of course always talk to a good Natural Pathic doctor if you are on other meds. Worked wonders on my DVT.

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I was having a few health concerns, when a friend recommended this product. I feel strongly this product has helped me feel better. With the current unpredictability of the times, i have been under tremendous stress. This product helped my heart and thinned my blood. Allowing my blood to function better.

Best Nattokinase Supplement

1. The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula

The Wellness Company's acclaimed Spike Support Formula contains scientifically-researched ingredients, including nattokinase, black seed oil (Nigella Sativa), green tea extract (EGCG) and selenium.

These ingredients are known for their ability to dissolve spike protein, prevent it from binding to cells, and repair tissue.

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Best Serrapeptase Supplements

1. Doctor's Best High Potency Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that comes from the Serratia bacteria species strain E15
- promotes and maintains healthy sinus and airway function and healthy immune response*
- helps dissolve hard particles made of protein that cause unwanted side effects from toxins, scar tissue, blood clots and cysts*

Uses Serrateric, a coating that protects the enzyme from stomach acids until it reaches the intestines and therefore optimizes absorption

Ratings: 4.4 out of 5 - more than 7,400 global ratings

Helped my period right away. I was having big blood clots from endometriosis and after a week of taking my period was like a normal period. A month later I thought it had made my period late but ended up I was pregnant! Would recommend to anyone with endometriosis!

2. Zazzee Extra Strength Serrapeptase

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Our Extra Strength Serrapeptase Capsules contain 120 capsules per bottle, 120,000 SPU per capsule AND come in absorption-enhancing delayed release capsules – an amazing value! Compare this to other leading brands that provide lower dosages, contain less capsules per bottle, and are not in "must-have" delayed release capsules. Our Extra Strength Serrapeptase is a bargain not be found elsewhere!

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Each capsule contains an extra strength dosage of 120,000 SPU. This dosage is per capsule, which means that each bottle provides a full 4 month supply!

- Enhanced Absorption With Delayed Release Capsules
Stomach acid destroys these delicate enzymes. To prevent this, our Extra Strength Serrapeptaste comes in delayed release capsules, which enable the enzymes to survive past the stomach acid and pass into the small intestine for maximum absorption.

- Natural, Vegan, & Non-GMO
All ingredients, including the capsule, are 100% vegan. Our Extra Strength Serrapeptase does not contain any sweeteners, artificial flavors, wheat, corn, gluten, soy, milk, egg, fish, shellfish, or tree nut ingredients. Enjoy the amazing benefits of our potent Serrapeptase without worrying about what else might be hiding in each capsule!

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Works great for me. High potency for a low price. Also slow release to work even better. Small size easy to swallow. Great addition with nattozimes for clot busting. Good company, lots of other supplements too.

Lumbrokinase vs Nattokinase vs Serrapeptase FAQs

a. How Do You Take Nattokinase / Serrapeptase / Lumbrokinase?

It is recommended to take these proteolytic enzymes on an empty stomach.

b. Nattokinase Dosage for Blood Clots?

Clinical studies to guide safe and effective nattokinase dosing are lacking. Nattokinase 100 mg/day (equivalent to 2,000 fibrinolytic units [FU]), typically for a duration of 8 weeks, has been used in some studies evaluating thrombolytic/fibrinolytic and blood pressure effects. (SourceSource)

c. Nattokinase Dosage for Hypertension?

Nattokinase 100 mg/day (equivalent to 2,000 fibrinolytic units [FU]), typically for a duration of 8 weeks, has been used. (Source)

d. Does nattokinase cause weight gain?

Nattokinase doesn’t directly affect fat loss or weight gain. While it promotes better blood flow and circulation, there’s no specific evidence to suggest it’s effective for managing weight. However, it’s essential to consider individual responses and consult a healthcare professional before using any supplements. 

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  1. Can you take a combination of the 3 and if so what would the dosage be?

    1. Just my two cents: yes, you can take all at the same time. Natto is extremely safe, and a minimum of 8k FU/day is needed for good results. Serra is also very safe, at least I find info that suggests that it's totally safe up to 1million IU (of course effective dose can be much lower, it really depends on person, for some 120k IU might be enough, for others 500k or more migt be better). Lumbro is really stronh (but again safe) so I'd follow what's written on labels.
      I personally use 8k FU/day Natto and 250k IU/day Serra 5-6 days a week for the past 8months. Haven't had any side effects yet.
      I believe similar o higher doses would be safe and tolerable to most people.
      Lumbro is a bit too expensive for me so can't comment too much on that.

    2. 250k fu Serrapeptase, 6k fu Nattokinase 400k fu Lubrokinase daily here (with one day off per week). No problems after 8 months. Do be aware that the blood takes longer to clot if you have a bleeding cut.

  2. I have the same question. Did you find out the answer? Please share.

  3. According to the following video, it seems that lumbrokinase should be taken by itself.

    Nattokinase, Serrapeptase, Lumbrokinase: From Novice to Expert - Your Questions Answered


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