16 Best Books on Anti Aging and Longevity 2023

What are some great books on anti-aging and longevity? Here you can find the top books on longevity, in no particular order.

1. Lifespan (Why We Age Book)

Why we age – and why we don’t have to
David Sinclair

Professor David Sinclair goes all out on the role of the epigenome in aging. The book also expounds on his discoveries into sirtuins and the NMN/NR/NAD+ pathway.

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2. Outlive Book Peter Attia

The Science and Art of Longevity - Dr Peter Attia with Bill Gifford

Ranked No. 2 on Amazon Charts (The Top 20 Most Read Books of the Week: As of July 16, 2023)

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • A groundbreaking manifesto on living better and longer that challenges the conventional medical thinking on aging and reveals a new approach to preventing chronic disease and extending long-term health, from a visionary physician and leading longevity expert.

3. The Longevity Diet

Discover the new science behind stem cell activation and regeneration to slow aging, fight disease and optimize weight.
Valter Longo

Professor Valter Longo is an expert in fasting and the fasting mimicking diet (FMD), and generally in nutrition to slow down aging.

4. The Longevity Solution

Rediscovering centuries-old secrets to a Healthy, Long Life
Dr James DiNicolantonio and Dr Jason Fung

Getting older doesn’t have to mean experiencing more pain and illness, becoming less mobile, or developing disease. Renowned cardiovascular research scientist and doctor of pharmacy Dr. James DiNicolantonio partners with leading physician and bestselling author Dr. Jason Fung to deliver The Longevity Solution, a groundbreaking new book that unlocks the secrets of healthy aging.

5. The Complete Guide to Fasting   

Heal your body through intermittent, alternate-day and extended fasting
Jason Fung and Jimmy Moore

#1 Best Seller on Ketogenic Diet category

Dr. Jason Fung has had great success in improving and sometimes even reversing type 2 diabetes, hearth and overweight patients through fasting (and a healthy diet). This book is a great guide on how to fast.

6. The Blue Zones

9 lessons for living longer
Dan Buettner

Blue zones are areas scattered across the globe where people seem to live longer, healthier lives. What are their secrets for longer lifespans?

7. Young Forever

The secrets to living your longest, healthiest Life.
Mark Hyman, MD

Dr. Mark Hyman presents the definitive guide to reversing disease, easing pain, and living younger longer that “will revolutionize how we approach aging” (Jay Shetty, author of 8 Rules of Love).

8. The Great Age Reboot

Cracking the longevity code for a younger tomorrow
Michael Roizen

As the human lifespan expands and more people are living to 100 years and beyond, New York Times best-selling author Michael Roizen, M.D., explains how to prepare for a longer, healthier future.

Over the next decade, people living to 100, 120, or even 130 years old will become increasingly common--and life past 100 may not look like what you expect. In this groundbreaking narrative, best-selling author Michael Roizen reveals how current science and technology will revolutionize our ability to live longer, younger, and better.

Today's breakthroughs in longevity research are unprecedented, and this book will help you navigate the coming changes to make the best decisions for your brain, your body, and your bank account. Along with acclaimed economists Peter Linneman and Albert Ratner, Roizen explores how longer life spans will change our lives and our culture, providing the most comprehensive and forward-looking book on aging to date, and showing readers how to prepare for the next major societal disruptor. At long last, here is a road map to prevention, treatment, and technology that will reshape how we think about old age--and help us plan for an audacious future.

9. Life Force

How new breakthroughs in Precision Medicine can transform the quality of your life and those you love.
Tony Robbins

Transform your life or the life of someone you love with Life Force—the newest breakthroughs in health technology to help maximize your energy and strength, prevent disease, and extend your health span—from Tony Robbins, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Money: Master the Game.

10. The Longevity Code

Secrets to living well for longer from the front lines of science
Kris Verburgh

A practical book on what we can do to live longer, with a focus on nutrition to slow down aging, while also explaining new biotechnologies to live longer.

11. Juvenescence

Investing in the age of longevity
Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi

This book, written by two biotech investors, gives a great oversight of interesting longevity companies, researchers and technologies to slow down aging.

12. The Youth Pill

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Scientists at the brink of an anti-aging revolution
David Stipp

Written by a journalist, this book explores companies and researchers in their quest to find therapies to slow down aging.

13. Cracking the Aging Code  

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The new science of growing old – and what it means for staying young
Josh Mitteldorf and Dorion Sagan

An original take on the why of aging: contrary to common scientific opinion, the author explains why he believes aging is programmed by evolution. Whether you agree or not, or believe in group selection or not, it’s an interesting read. And Josh Mitteldorf also writes a great blog.

14. Transcend

9 steps to living well forever
Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman

A practical guide on what foods to eat or supplements to take to live a longer healthier life.

15. Age Later

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Secrets of the healthiest, sharpest centenarians
Nir Barzilai

Dr. Barzilai is one of the driving forces behind the TAME trial (targeting aging with metformin) and a big proponent to develop medication to slow down aging.

16. Immortality

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The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization
Stephen Cave and Michael Shermer

Granted, this book is not really about how to slow down aging. It is about the millennia old quest of people, rulers and civilizations to deal with and conquer death. This book is definitely a great read for people interested in the history of longevity.



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