Best 8 Herpes Support Supplements of 2022 for Outbreaks

Despite the stigma around herpes, the condition is still relatively common. With over 500 million currently suffering from HSV-2 (genital herpes), the use of supplements can have a profound effect. The companies that make these products provide the body with essential nutrients that can help the immune system.

Some supplements promise to help users eliminate the virus, offering antiviral benefits with the ingredients. The top products on the market will help consumers potentially get rid of herpes entirely. Even though most scientists agree that this is a lifelong condition, reducing the outbreaks and making them much easier to handle.

For some people, these supplements can work, but why? Which ones are the best herpes supplements on the market right now? That’s what this guide aims to reveal.

Best Herpes Supplements That Rise Above the Rest

After sorting through the different products on the market today, the company narrowed down the options to:

  1. Beyond Simplex
  2. HerpaGreens
  3. Herpesyl
  4. Herpecillin & Herpecillin Plus
  5. Herpeva
  6. Herdox
  7. Kinoko Platinum AHCC
  8. ViraLib

Read on below to learn more about each one.

1. Beyond Simplex

image 1

Beyond Simplex provides the body with a combination of L-lysine, curcumin, quercetin, and resveratrol, helping the body increase the natural defenses above viral infections. While most supplements seem to claim just weeks of healing required, the creators of Beyond Simplex have a much more realistic perspective. Instead, their formula focuses on improving immunity, which inherently reduces the severity of cold sores.

This remedy, which PhytAge Labs makes, comes from a highly praised brand in the supplement industry. They base all of their remedies on the idea that natural ingredients can provide antiviral and antioxidant benefits. The ingredients used in Beyond Simplex are chosen for precisely this purpose.

With multiple polyphenols and antioxidants in this remedy, Beyond Simplex is easily one of the top herpes supplements on the market to protect and support the body through such a disease. The company even offers a money-back guarantee for anyone that doesn’t get the experience that they expected. With the high standards of PhytAge Labs and the substantial tests for purity and potency, transparency is a clear priority of Beyond Simplex.

2. HerpaGreens

image 3

HerpaGreens is available as a superfood powder, created entirely as a way to improve the immune system. It is meant to erase the herpes virus from the body, and the creators have designed it as a long-term solution. It doesn’t just block outbreaks short-term, and the website is filled with reviews of people who have managed to purge herpes from their system using this powder.

This powder has a unique way of supporting the body, even though it only recently came out. Users can blend the formula into water or another beverage for a once-daily serving with just one scoop. Users will have to keep up with the regimen every day to make a difference, but they should see the end of 97% of herpes symptoms (including cold sores) in a matter of weeks. The official online claims state that users will no longer be at risk of infecting someone else with herpes virus strains, implying that an unprotected sexual contact is a viable option.

The HerpaGreens formula is already supported with plenty of research to prove its efficacy in eliminating herpes viral. It is one of the top-selling products on the market, and it has plenty of antioxidants that provide an impressive defense. The nutritional value provided offers excellent protection against the herpes virus and the potential for outbreaks.

3. Herpesyl

image 6

Herpesyl, like HerpaGreens, also claims to erase the herpes virus from the body completely. Instead of providing support to the immune system and fending off outbreaks, the use of Herpesyl is supposed to get rid of the virus entirely. It doesn’t matter how severe the infection is, what gender the user is, or how old they are. Herpesyl works its magic with high-quality ingredients that the company sources from around the world.

Only taking a few weeks to make a difference, consumers are only encouraged to take one serving a day. Customers have already posted their experiences online, showing that lab tests have found no HSV-1 or HSV-2 in their bodies after using Herpesyl. Plus, it has an assortment of beneficial ingredients that are backed up by clinical studies.

As effective as this formula claims to be, users will find it one of the more expensive options. However, the many reviews from customers show that this price tag isn’t much of a deterrent. It is one of the most popular remedies today to treat and eliminate the herpes virus.

4. Herpecillin & Herpecillin Plus

image 4

Herpecillin and Herpecillin Plus work together to help consumers defend the body against herpes with two separate formulas. They also help the users reduce the risk of symptoms like blisters, cold sores, fever, and other outbreaks.

This formula is so helpful in including zinc, astragalus, vitamin C, and L-lysine in Herpecillin, along with Momordica charantia fruit in Herpecillin Plus. Users only need to take one serving each day when they notice an outbreak onset. All the ingredients are natural, and they are used to manage the symptoms associated with the herpes virus.

5. Herpeva

image 7

Herpeva, a product from Nu-Derm Products, helps users to support their immune system against problems like shingles, herpes, and cold sores. Much like other products that provide immune support, this formula includes vitamins and minerals that can strengthen it. Some of the ingredients that users will find in this formula include vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, and L-lysine. While some ingredients are used as antioxidants to reduce inflammation and oxidation, others provide an antiviral impact on the body to flourish the immune system’s natural defenses. They also may be able to eliminate the herpes virus, which is only found in a few of the products on this list.

The main reason that Herpeva managed to secure a spot on this list has to do with the incredible dosages used. Though it doesn’t claim that it will eliminate the herpes virus quickly, it will boost the immune system to strengthen it against the herpes virus.

6. Herdox

image 2

Herdox, which Progressive Health created, helps users get relief from herpes, regardless of gender. It is used as a natural treatment, supporting the body with lemon balm, propolis, L-lysine, and other natural ingredients. The purpose of these ingredients is to cleanse the virus from the body entirely. In addition, users will also get the benefits of garlic powder, olive leaf extract, and ingredients that are not typically seen in herpes supplements. Cell, the entire remedy is natural and has scientific evidence to back it up.

7. Kinoko Platinum AHCC

image 9

Kinoko Platinum AHCC, which is made by a brand called quality of life, primarily focuses on the benefit that AHCC can have on the body for immunity. It also supports liver function while killing off dangerous cells throughout the entire body. This singular ingredient is a mushroom extract and is already backed up by over 30 clinical trials to show its effect on the body. It has alpha glucans, which are particularly helpful to the immune system. It doesn’t claim to cure herpes or eliminate it from the body, but it will help the immune system during outbreaks.

8. ViraLib

image 12

Instead of being offered as a capsule or a powder, ViraLib is available as a liquid tincture. It helps users heal from both herpes and shingles, and then users can potentially get up to 456 servings in every bottle. The remedy is also meant to help users handle genital herpes, cold sores, measles, and other viruses that seemingly do not yet cure.

This liquid has a unique blend of herbs that will support the natural defense that the body needs to provide the necessary support. Some of the ingredients found in this product include skullcap, olive leaf extract, goldenseal, garlic bulb, and other ingredients that typically are not found, and other supplements on this list. Plus, since everything is available in a liquid, it is easier for the body to process and absorb its support. With easy absorption, consumers can rest easy knowing that the product gets straight to work.

image 10

Technically, this is a topical formula and therefore is not considered a supplement. Terragen is made to be natural and gentle for the body, helping with the symptoms that consumers deal with during a herpes outbreak. It is beneficial to individuals who deal with pain/discomfort, itching, and other issues with ulcers, blisters, and sores. Rather than being ingested as a pill, this formula is one of the few options applied topically, and each jar holds 14 grams of the remedy.

The non-irritating cream is meant to be applied just before or during an outbreak. Instead, it soothes with essential oils and helpful minerals. The effect is fast, and users will get the relief they need to avoid discomfort.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is another natural option for you to treat a herpes outbreak. Authors of lab-based experiments performed by a research arm of the Australian government found tea tree oil to be effective in the treatment of cold sores. They concluded:

"TTO (tea tree oil) may be a potentially useful alternative treatment for cold sores which is relatively inexpensive, acceptable to patients and which does not have the capacity to induce resistance to systemic antiviral agents. A larger study is required to further evaluate TTO as a topical treatment for RHL [recurrent herpes labialis, also known as cold sores]."

Research published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy indicates tea tree oil has shown broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity in vitro, including activity against herpes simplex virus (HSV), the etiological agent of RHL (recurrent herpes labialis). In this research, patients aged 18 to 70 years participated in a randomized, placebo-controlled study.

Participants presented as soon as possible after onset of a cold sore outbreak and were randomized to receive either 6% tea tree oil in an aqueous gel base or a placebo gel, both of which were applied five times daily. The median time to re-epithelialization after treatment with tea tree oil was nine days, compared with 12.5 days for the placebo group.

The study authors stated, "Tea tree oil may be a potentially useful cheaper alternative, acceptable to patients and which poses little threat of inducing resistance to systemic antiviral agents."

A study published in the journal Microbiology and Immunology evaluated the impact of 12 essential oils, including tea tree oil, on HSV type-1 (HSV-1) in vitro. The researchers noted tea tree oil (TTO) had previously been shown to have antiviral activity against HSV-1 and HSV-2, along with eucalyptus essential oil. They said:

"It is well-known that TTO has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity. The antiviral activity of tea tree against HSV-1 and -2 has been reported; however, the results in the present study demonstrated that because tea tree possessed antiviral activity against HSV-1 at a concentration of 1%, but not at a concentration of 0.1%, lemongrass showed the stronger antiviral activity than tea tree."

As you can see, when it comes to treating cold sores, you have more than one option when applying essential oils. The good news is, if you have a sensitivity to tea tree oil, you might also try either eucalyptus essential oil or lemongrass essential oil.


Bonus: Top 3 Herpes Remedies, Guides, and Home Tests for 2022

When taking care of herpes, the magical solution won’t just be the right supplement for the body. Other changes might have to be made, which is where these following four guides will come in.

HSV Rapid Remedy: Fight the Herpes Virus

image 8

HSV Rapid Remedy provides users with instructions on the best ways to use alternative medicines to deal with herpes. Dr. Christine Buehler is the author. Dr. Buehler says that it is possible to eliminate the herpes virus with these methods, even though the methods won’t necessarily work for everyone. That’s why they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The program is designed to work for individuals infected with HSV-1 and HSV-2, and it should take no more than three weeks to work. Plus, there’s no medication that users will have to take.

Herpes Cleaner

Herpes Cleaner has a recipe that introduces essential and potent ingredients to the body. According to the claims in the guide, the use of the ingredients can “put herpes to sleep,” which stops additional outbreaks from happening.

The whole program takes 17 days to pursue, but this time should be enough to stop the outbreaks and all of the symptoms that come with it. It will stop cold sores, scars, and painful itching, focusing on supporting the immune system. Users don’t have to take any medication with the program, though users that currently have a prescription may want to check with their doctor first.

If this program doesn’t work, the company has a 60-day refund policy to allow users to get their money back. Plus, everything is backed up by author William Paterson.

Herpes Eraser

image 5

Herpes Eraser is yet another guide that allows users to eliminate the herpes virus from the body entirely, even claiming that it offers the cure with the protocol.

Even though the author, Dr. Buehler, makes many claims, including the idea that lifestyle changes can help, the scientific evidence does not support the idea that a cure is possible. Still, the changes are beneficial for the immune system’s needs.

How We Ranked the Best Herpes Supplements

Every single supplement has a way that it defends or supports the body that is afflicted with the herpes virus. There are plenty of supplements that do exactly what they claim, though a large amount of these products are no more than a scam. Before adding any supplements to the list, the herpes supplements had to meet specific metrics.

Clinically Proven Ingredients and Dosages

Some ingredients in the supplement industry have proven to have an impressive effect on the immune system and potentially viral infections. Having these benefits is incredibly helpful for individuals who want to fight back against the herpes virus. The supplements chosen had to have ingredients that were clinically proven to work in doses that were proven to be effective.

Advertised Benefits and Herpes Cures

According to the regulations set forth by the FDA, no supplement is allowed to advertise itself as a treatment, preventative measure, or a cure for any disease. They are not considered medicines. So far, scientists have yet to prove a herpes cure, even though many supplements tend to claim otherwise. Companies that have these types of promises did not earn a place on this list as easily.

Transparency & Honesty

Consumers want to know the product that they’re getting and what is going into it. Some companies will show all the ingredients and dosages right on the label. Others have a vaguer stance, hiding their ingredients in blends or not including them entirely. The companies that preferred for this less had to be transparent and honest.

Price & Value

As important as transparency is with the brand, the companies that produce these supplements had to offer the value equivalent to their charging price. The price and value were considered in establishing these rankings, making it possible for individuals of all budgets to get what they need.

Ease of Use

While there are many different ways to take the herpes supplements, the priority on this list was to find products that were easy for consumers to take. Most often, these products were available as a capsule or a powder.

Satisfaction or Moneyback Guarantee

Even with the top products on the market, there’s always a chance that the particular supplement chosen will not work for the user. This virus is rather complex, and companies often understand it. The top-ranked companies from this list have money-back guarantees, often allowing users to try out the formula for 90 days to see if it is a good match. If it isn’t, customers can return the product.

Scientific Evidence for Herpes Supplements

Since scientists generally agree that there is no current cure known for herpes, how did these supplements help consumers? What does the science behind the product say?

Some ingredients in the industry can help with the body’s natural defense against the herpes virus. Even individuals that cannot cure the virus overnight or have long-term results can still help with the severity of an outbreak. That’s why these supplements are so important.

The majority of the herpes supplements on this list contain an amino acid called L-lysine. L-lysine is one of the most studied ingredients to use in herpes supplements now. According to studies, this nutrient may reduce the severity of an outbreak, though it can also reduce the amount of time that the individual has to heal. Consumers do not have the same visible symptoms during an outbreak with the last healing time.

A study in 2017 showed that researchers examine the current evidence on the market for lysine and herpes. The researchers discovered that supplementation wasn’t effective as a way to prevent or treat herpes. However, by consuming more than three grams per day, patients seemed to have a less severe encounter with the virus. It could alleviate the symptoms, even if it could not provide a cure.

Vitamin E is another essential ingredient in these supplements. Using vitamin E as a topical remedy is helpful, decreasing pain and improving the time users have to wait to heal. The lesions formed with oral herpes benefit greatly from vitamin E, precisely when applied every four hours consistently. As an antioxidant, it helps with the pressure of oxidative stress, though it also improves the body’s immune response.

Much like the use of vitamin E, common vitamin C offers antioxidant support as well. A few studies showed that vitamin C is a good home remedy for herpes since it seems to speed up the healing of cold sores. In test tubes, one study found that vitamin C could inactivate the virus. The doctors primarily recommend using vitamin C with prescription medicine.

Selenium is a popular ingredient in many of these formulas. Some people believe that it can cure herpes once and for all, but the evidence simply does not support that theory. More specifically, they discovered when researchers tested a combination of vitamin E, CoQ10, and selenium. Still, the healing of sores could be set up, which reduced how many days the user had to endure their outbreak.

Perhaps one of the most popular remedies on the market is AHCC. This medicinal mushroom provides support for the immune system, though many people will use it as a way to protect themselves from COVID-19. It stimulates the immune system to protect the body from viruses, including HPV, influenza, and herpes. There’s even a chance that it can reduce or eliminate respiratory issues and chickenpox.

Zinc is often mentioned in any supplements that are used to help with certain viruses and other illnesses. The salts in zinc can potentially inactivate the isolates that researchers test for the herpes simplex virus. Zinc can kill off the virus with a 98% success rate, end the topical use is incredibly helpful in treating outbreaks. Wall consumers need to be aware that it is not a cure. It continues to be one of the most common ways for consumers to treat herpes now.

With all of the ingredients today, there’s a chance that the user could easily defend themselves against herpes. However, the evidence that any product can completely heal from the virus is almost nonexistent. While gene therapy provides hope, there are many studies currently going on to see if there’s anything that users can do to improve their odds of erasing the herpes virus from their bodies or protecting them entirely.

Side Effects of Herpes Supplements

The natural ingredients used in herpes supplements are not typically associated with any side effects. Healthy adults should not have any adverse reaction if they find the explicit instructions provided.

Individuals who currently take any medications could potentially experience side effects from the herpes virus if they do not speak with the doctor beforehand. The doctor can educate them on the correct combination of treatments to ensure that they do not have a bad reaction.

While supplements are undoubtedly safe for consumers, the same cannot be said of herpes medications. The majority of people that take these medications end up with some kind of side effect, including dizziness, vomiting, stomach pain, nausea, depression, headaches, joint pain, and more. Those are just the side effects for individuals that choose Valtrex as their solution. Individuals that use Zovirax can even experience mood changes and bruising during the use of this product. With supplements, these types of side effects are not possible.

FAQs About Herpes Supplements

Q: What is genital herpes?

A: Genital herpes is caused by two types of the herpes simplex virus. It is a sexually transmitted disease, typically referred to as HSV 1 or HSV 2.

Q: What is oral herpes?

A: Oral herpes impacts the mouth, leaving cold sores and blisters around the area. It is caused by HSV 1, and most people who suffer from it contracted it with a non-sexual contact when they were in their childhood. It can be transferred with saliva.

Q: How is genital and oral herpes connected?

A: The majority of cases of oral herpes come from HSV 1. However, genital herpes is predominantly caused by HSV 2. Oral sex can spread both of these conditions, which is how some genital herpes cases are connected to HSV 1.

Q: How common is genital herpes?

A: Based on statistics regarding Americans from age 14 to 49, about 12% of this demographic is diagnosed with genital herpes. It attacks the immune system of one out of every eight people.

Q: How is genital herpes spread?

A: Consumers can contract genital herpes by having oral, anal, or vaginal sex what someone who already has the disease. It can also be spread due to exposure to a sore, saliva from someone who has herpes, or secretions that occur during intercourse. It is also possible to infect others with skin-to-skin contact involving the mouth or genitals of someone infected.

Q: Is it possible to contract herpes from a toilet seat, hotel bedding, swimming pool, cutlery, or other objects?

A: Even though these ideas have been spread through myths and rumors, there is no way that consumers can get herpes from touching a household object that someone else is handling, according to the CDC.

Q: How can consumers reduce their risk of genital herpes?

A: To avoid any type of genital herpes, abstain from sexual intercourse of any kind. Individuals who prefer to be sexually active should always wear contraceptive protection, like a condom.

Q: Is it possible to protect the body from contracting herpes by using a condom?

A: While a condom can be very protective, there is no guarantee that the individual was not still contracted herpes. The success rate of properly using condoms is under 90%, and they do not cover the entire area that may have herpes sores. Still, they drastically reduced the chances for anyone who is currently sexually active.

Q: How do consumers know if they have herpes?

A: The majority of people show no symptoms of herpes initially. It is very easy to miss the signs or misdiagnose it as a different skin issue. Anyone who believes they may have developed or contracted herpes should speak with the doctor. Some of the common symptoms include blisters and sores around the genitals, mouth, or rectum.

Q: What does a doctor do to confirm a herpes diagnosis?

A: A doctor has to take a sample from the individual experiencing symptoms to test it. Lab tests are another way that these doctors may confirm.

Q: Can herpes be cured?

A: At this time, there is no known cure for herpes. Doctors can still recommend medications that help control outbreaks, but these remedies need to be taken daily to help protect other people from becoming infected.

Q: What will happen if the user ignores their herpes diagnosis and does not accept treatment?

A: Herpes is a severe condition without treatment. By avoiding treatments, there is a much greater chance of spreading their disease to others.

Q: Is it possible to still engage in sexual intercourse with herpes?

A: Though it is possible to still engage in sexual intercourse, there should always be an open discussion with the individual’s partner to ensure they are aware of this health condition. While wearing a condom can reduce the risk, it is not eliminated.

Q: What are the symptoms of herpes?

A: The most common symptoms of this disease include sores that develop around the mouth, genitals, or rectum. Along with these blisters and sores, some people experience headaches, fevers, joint pain, and difficulty urinating during an outbreak.

Q: What increases the chance of herpes outbreaks?

A: Stress is one of the biggest triggers for a herpes outbreak. Individuals may also have an outbreak in the case of a bacterial or viral infection, a menstrual period, and other issues that affect their hormones.

Q: How is herpes generally treated?

A: The most common way to treat herpes is with medication, though it will not cure the user’s condition. Once the user contracts herpes, it stays with them for life.

Q: Can genital herpes spread beyond this area?

A: No. Genital herpes is exclusive to the genitals. It will not spread to the arms, legs, or hands. The immune system develops particular antibodies that protect the rest of the body from the infection.

Q: Is it possible to pass on herpes through oral sex?

A: Yes. Oral sex can transfer either type of herpes virus strain.

Q: If no symptoms are present, is it still possible to get herpes?

A: Absolutely. The majority of people who pass on herpes have no symptoms, and they can even be completely unaware that they have herpes at all. Anyone who comes in sexual contact with an infected person is likely to get herpes.

Q: Can one person have multiple types of herpes virus in their body?

A: Yes. However, individuals that have HSV-1 are more likely to contract HSV-2 as well.

Q: What are some remedies that consumers can do at home to eliminate herpes?

A: If the individual is currently experiencing pain, most doctors recommend sitting in warm water for no less than 20 minutes. They may also recommend keeping the area clean and dry, wearing loose-fitting clothes, and using over-the-counter medication.

Q: What side effects are currently associated with the use of a genital herpes medication?

A: While it is rare to experience a severe side effect, there are minor side effects associated with genital herpes medication.

Q: Is the virus associated with genital herpes the same or related to shingles?

A: While these two viruses have similar ways of infecting the body, the distinct difference is that shingles are not a sexually transmitted disease.

Q: Is there any connection between genital herpes and HIV?

A: These two viruses are entirely different. While they are both easy to transmit sexually, they are not the same. Individuals who contract herpes heavily weaken immune systems and are more likely to catch HIV if infected and unprotected. Individuals with both conditions often have more HIV in their bodies, putting them at risk for more severe symptoms.

Q: Will outbreaks of genital herpes slow down with time?

A: Typically, yes. Individuals who are newly infected will likely have about five outbreaks annually for several years. The outbreaks will start to dwindle. After that time, some consumers have hardly any at all. The few outbreaks that are experienced tend to take very minimal time to recover from.

Q: Where does the virus for genital herpes reside in the body?

A: When the virus settles, it typically resides in the spine and influences its cells. When an outbreak is triggered, the herpes virus uses the nerves to get to the infection site and causes new sores.

Q: What is viral shedding?

A: Even when there are no symptoms present, someone with herpes can produce viral particles, called viral shedding. It can spread the virus without any outbreak occurring.

Q: Once exposed, how long will it take for the first outbreak to appear?

A: The virus travels through to the nerve cells and around the spinal cord. Once it reaches its destination, there’s a chance the virus will never actually show any signs of an outbreak, and there will never be symptoms associated with it. The only way an outbreak occurs is if it is periodically triggered, resulting in sores. There is no apparent reason why some people experience sores quickly, while others do not react.

Q: How does herpes affect pregnancy?

A: Individuals with herpes risk passing on the condition to their baby when they are pregnant. This virus can also increase the odds of having a miscarriage, leading to early delivery. During birth, if the individual is experiencing an outbreak, there is a chance that exposure can cause brain damage and issues with the eyes. To avoid these complications entirely, it isn’t uncommon for a doctor to recommend a C-section instead.

The Best Herpes Supplements Final Thoughts

Even with no current cure for herpes, it is possible to support the immune system and take the right herpes supplements to reduce outbreaks and help the body to reduce the effects that herpes can cause. The right ingredients can make a big difference, and the formulas in this list are perfect examples of some of the easiest ways to take care of the body.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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