Best Organic Vitamin C Brands 2022

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient which cannot be produced by humans (. 2017). Because your body doesn't produce or store it, you need daily vitamin C for continued health. Vitamin C may be one of the most well-known immune nutrients that protect against immune deficiencies and which supports the prevention and recovery from the common cold and upper-respiratory issues, and also protects your cardiovascular system, eyes, skin, and other parts of your body. 

Vitamin C is a particularly unique nutrient because it also functions as an antioxidant that protects your cells against potential damage.

Vitamin C might help prevent COVID-19 and also lessen the inflammatory reactions behind some severe COVID-19 cases, according to a review of research on the topic published in the latest issue of the journal Nutrition.

Organic Vitamin C vs Synthetic Vitamin C

Organic Vitamin C is the whole food vitamin C that occurs in its natural state. Vitamin C in this form contains bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are antioxidants that enhance the use of vitamin C by improving its absorption and prolonging its effectiveness.

Flavonoids themselves provide many health benefits. They are collectively referred to as "vitamin P" in recognition of their antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic, antiviral, and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Synthetic vitamin C is an isolated version of vitamin C. It is devoid of the micronutrients, dietary fiber and phytochemicals like bioflavonoids found in vitamin-rich wholefoods.   

Where is Natural Vitamin C Found?

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources of vitamin C. Citrus fruits, tomatoes and tomato juice, and potatoes are major contributors of vitamin C to the American diet. Other good food sources include red and green peppers, kiwifruit, broccoli, strawberries, Brussels sprouts, and cantaloupe. Although vitamin C is not naturally present in grains, it is added to some fortified breakfast cereals. The vitamin C content of food may be reduced by prolonged storage and by cooking because ascorbic acid is water soluble and is destroyed by heat. Steaming or microwaving may lessen cooking losses. Fortunately, many of the best food sources of vitamin C, such as fruits and vegetables, are usually consumed raw. Consuming five varied servings of fruits and vegetables a day can provide more than 200 mg of vitamin C.

Sources of Vitamin C - Dietary supplements and Different Forms of Vitamin C

Supplements typically contain vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid, which has equivalent bioavailability to that of naturally occurring ascorbic acid in foods, such as orange juice and broccoli. Other forms of vitamin C supplements include sodium ascorbate; calcium ascorbate; other mineral ascorbates; ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids; and combination products, such as Ester-C®, which contains calcium ascorbate, dehydroascorbate, calcium threonate, xylonate and lyxonate.

A few studies in humans have examined whether bioavailability differs among the various forms of vitamin C. In one study, Ester-C® and ascorbic acid produced the same vitamin C plasma concentrations, but Ester-C® produced significantly higher vitamin C concentrations in leukocytes 24 hours after ingestion. Another study found no differences in plasma vitamin C levels or urinary excretion of vitamin C among three different vitamin C sources: ascorbic acid, Ester-C®, and ascorbic acid with bioflavonoids.

The supplements on this list were chosen based on quality, manufacturing standards, usability, and price.

Best Organic Vitamin C Supplements 2021

1. Pure Synergy Pure Radiance C 

Pure Radiance C unites our organic camu camu and organic acerola cherries with 7 antioxidant-rich organic berries and fruits to yield a 100% natural form of vitamin C.

Famed for its vitamin C content, the acerola berry also contains free-radical busting anthocyanins and many other valuable phytonutrients. Together, these compounds help fight oxidation both inside and out, keeping your cells and whole body flourishing. Skin cells reap the rewards too, with potential benefits for healthy collagen production and skin tone.

Food Matrix
Our vitamins and minerals are made with organic vegetables, fruits, and other natural food sources. This creates vitamins that are naturally bound in a synergy of beneficial cofactors and whole-food compounds.

Activated with enzymes and fermented with probiotics, our vitamins and minerals are easy to absorb and gentle enough to be taken on an empty stomach.

We then test for things that we don't want in our capsules, like heavy metals, microbes, solvent residues, gluten, dairy, and GMOs. We also test for what we do want like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and active compounds.

Phytonutrient Rich
The next challenge is to keep the phytonutrients intact through proper packaging and storage. Our vitamins are hermetically sealed without oxygen in light-impermeable amber glass bottles to ensure continued nutrient retention.

- 90 Capsules 
- Made with Organic Ingredients
- 100% Natural Vitamin C with Organic Camu Camu Extract, Acerola and Amla
- NO added synthetic ascorbic acid
- Helps bolster your healthy immune system; provides protective antioxidant activity; offers extra support during cold, flu and allergy season
- Non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Corn-Free
- Non Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C Supplements

I absolutely love this product. I'm a repeat buyer. I am a researcher and really take my time to vet products (especially the ones that say they are natural or organic). To get Vitamin C from real sources rather than the man-made synthetic stuff is worth a (slightly) higher price then other brands when it comes to getting a real-source product. We consume so many things from companys that take shortcuts in order to make a bigger profit (stevia, agave, cage-free) that it is worth the price to know we are getting a truly healthy, pure way to keep our bodies and minds healthy.

4.8 out of 5 - 3,182 global ratings

2. Peak Performance Raw Whole Food Vitamin C

- Vitamin C Capsules from Acerola Cherry for Max Absorption
- Vegan Vitamin C Supplement
- USA Sourced 
- 90 Pills / 500 mg Serving or 2 Servings 1000mg
- Vegan Friendly, Free of Gluten, GMOs, Additives, Preservatives, Artificial Colours, Soy, and Dairy
- Manufactured Under The Highest Quality GMP Regulations and USA Standards.

At Peak Performance our ingredients are sourced entirely from the USA and derived from Real Raw Whole Food Acerola Cherry for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Our Vitamin C is sourced from Acerola Cherry - a whole-food ingredient well-known for being extremely rich in vitamin C and designed specifically to support your immune system. It also contains an organic vegetable and fruit blend of over 25 Real organic whole foods which retain important enzymes and aids in the digestion and assimilation process.

- 1-For-1 Donation with the Nonprofit Vitamin Angels
- For every unit sold, we supply a child at risk of malnutrition with vitamins
- We have supplied vitamins to over 200,000+ children at risk of malnutrition

What I like best about this product is that these are veggie capsules only containing the vitamins and necessary nutrients. The Peak Performance Raw Whole Food Vitamin C capsules are different and better than others out there because it is ethically sourced, made in the USA, containing vegetarian ingredients to help absorb the Vitamin C. Peak Performance is a good brand choice because it is based out of the USA and the products are all made with quality ingredients.

4.7 out of 5 - 383 global ratings

3. Earthen Liposomal Vitamin C

What is Liposomal Vitamin C?
Liposomes are tiny “nano-size” fat soluble vehicles for carrying nutrients to the body’s cells. Liposomal vitamin C is packaged like a bodily cell, delivers the nutrient directly where it needs to go. The effect is having a much higher absorption rate in our body. For years the only liposomal product was liquid however, with new technology we are now able to use this delivery system in power form.

- Made with Organic Ingredients 
- 1400MG Per Serving 
- 180 Capsule - 90 Servings 
- Non GMO 
- Fat Soluble - High Absorption Antioxidant | Immune System Support
- LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C : Vitamin C in liposomal form allows the body to absorb better and in a more timely fashion making the delivery system superior.
- Powerful Blend of; Ascorbic Acid, Organic Acerola Cherry, Organic Camu Camu
- No Gluten, Fillers, Artificial Ingredients, Soy, Preservatives, Dairy, Gelatin, Flavoring, Artificial Coloring.
- All of our products are produced in FDA inspected facilities that maintains strict GMP policy, made only in USA.
- Best Organic Liposomal Vitamin C

I must Say This Lipo C is clean. Body knows right away it can utilize it. It does not have to synthesize it in order for it to be bio-available. No stomach ache or intestinal inducing bloating or cramping or pooting out the other end. I started by doing the standard 1400 dosage on empty stomach. As I do not want food competing with therapeutic dosing. Wow felt great. Then following day I started saturating my cells at in intake of 6 capsules = 4200 mg 3 x a day. either 2 hrs before food or 2 hrs after food. No side affects other then energy and healing quickly. IN 5 days of saturation lines on face are smoothed out and I am waking with energy clear as day. 

4.7 out of 5 - 622 global ratings

4. Truvani Vitamin C

- Organic Vitamin C Tablets
- High Absorption, Antioxidant Supplement, Higher Bioavailability Immune System Support
- 30 Servings
- Our vitamin C is 100% organic as certified by USDA
- Vitamin C is important for collagen production, which helps support the health and structure of hair, skin, and nails.

This was recommended to me by my doctor because of a severe autoimmune condition I have. I was skeptical since I have taken vitamin C in various other forms before and never felt much benefit. I have been amazed at the difference the quality and source of this product has made. My first order was directly through Truvani, but have felt no decrease in efficacy since switching to auto-shipments through Amazon. I feel better overall, recover faster from episodes of my condition and have even lost weight since I started taking this 4 months ago! It has certainly justified the significant price difference over typical Vitamin C I have tried in the past. I highly recommend it.

4.7 out of 5 - 1,410 global ratings

5. Garden of Life Living Vitamin C

- Non-GMO Living Vitamin C Supplement and Antioxidant Whole Food Nutrition 
- Vegetarian
- 60 Count
- Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids Supplement

- An excellent source of natural vitamin C derived from the finest whole food organic ingredients. 
- 417% Daily Value per serving
- Contains Lemon-Lime citrus bioflavonoids to support your body’s ability to effectively utilize vitamin C.
- Added benefits include a whole food Organic Antioxidant Berry Blend which helps protect your body against free radical damage.
- Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified fruits and vegetables that are grown without these chemicals. 

I have asthma and have always struggled with an upper respiratory infection, usually in October and February. Despite the daily use of a maintenance inhaler and rescue inhaler as needed, I would get sick. I added this vitamin C to my vitamin regime for infertility but will continue to take it from here on out. I did not get sick in October or November and showing no signs of sore throat or congestion for December. I like Garden of Life for their natural products, and I will continue to use this brand.

4.8 out of 5 - 565 global ratings

6. Mother Nature Organics - Organic Camu Camu Berry Capsules with Vitamin C

- Packed with Natural Vitamin C, Antioxidants
- 120 Capsules
- Raw Organic Antioxidant Superfood 
- Immune Support Booster & Anti Aging Vitamin C
- Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Vegan
- Camu Camu Vitamin C Capsules

Mother Nature Organics Camu Camu Berry capsules help promote healthy blood circulation and promotes healthier skin and encourages cell regeneration. Well absorbed and gentle on the stomach, Mother Nature Organics Camu Camu may also support a healthy mood, mood balancing, healthy mental outlook, healthy cardiovascular & circulatory system, healthy brain function, increasing mental focus, & cognitive performance and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Our Organic Camu Camu berry is the most potent known source of vitamin C in the world. Each serving provides 140mg of vitamin C from Organic Camu Camu. Our antioxidant rich formula gives your system the ammunition it needs to fight damage caused by free radicals and environmental stressors, while strengthening your response to the flu and common cold. Taking two capsules of our Camu Camu keeps your immune system at the top of its game all year long.

Natural Vitamin C from Camu Camu stimulates antibody production to aid the immune system in reducing the severity and duration of colds. Mother Nature Organics Camu Camu capsules from Peru is needed for the production of collagen, which prevents wrinkles on your face and reduces the signs of aging. Use for baked treats, such as cookies, or mix with oatmeal or into your breakfast smoothie for a vitamin C boost! This comes with 120 capsules.

Our Camu Camu is harvested fresh and sustainably sourced from the Peruvian Rainforest. Raw Camu Camu organic fruit berries are cleaned in natural water, dried and then ground into fine powder capsules. Our Organic Camu Camu is 100% natural and does not contain any additives such as sugars, acids, colorants and preservatives. It is 100% Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Raw, Gluten-Free, Vegan.

Harvested and processed in Conjunction with an organization that creates sustainable jobs and income for local farmers, with some proceeds going to Peruvian charities to fight hunger and homelessness, especially for children. Our mission is to empower you to live healthier, and each serving is guaranteed to contain a diverse range of vitamins and antioxidants to support your immune system, and general health. 

At 62 just I started eating "knox blox" gelatin daily to restore skin and muscle firmness and elasticity and quickly discovered vitamin C is essential for the body to absorb the amino acids. I didn't realize how harsh ascorbic acid was until I started taking 1000mg daily (even buffered). The additional acid in my stomach was very uncomfortable for several hours after taking it. With this Camu Camu there is no gas, bloating or stomach acid discomfort, and the gelatin is visibly working to help eliminate arm "wings", keep skin and muscles toned, lubricate all joints, and strengthen hair and nails without discomfort.

4.7 out of 5 - 528 global ratings

7. Paleovalley Essential C Complex

- Vitamin C Food Supplement with Organic Superfoods for Immune Support 
- 450 mg per Serving 
- No Synthetic Ascorbic Acid 
- No GMO, Fillers or Gluten
- Non Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C supplements

Unless you like the taste of orange, it pales in comparison to just one unripe acerola cherry, which contains significantly higher concentrations of natural, full-spectrum vitamin C.

Vitamin C contributes to the normal function of the immune system that’s why this supplement contains acerola cherry, camu camu berry, and amla berry, three of the planet’s most concentrated natural sources of it.

Taken in organic, concentrated forms, vitamin C found in whole foods such as in this supplement are far more bioavailable to help support nutrient absorption, energy level regulation, and overall immune function.

Our natural and organic ingredients contain absolutely no gluten, GMO, fillers, corn, soy, or rice and are minimally processed to avoid damaging their fragile nutrients.

Our natural and organic ingredients contain absolutely no gluten, GMO, fillers, corn, soy, or rice and are minimally processed to avoid damaging their fragile nutrients.

I started taking this less than a week ago, I was not symptomatic for anything except mid winter blues. I thought some vitamin C would help boost my mood and bonus- my immune system at the same time. I seriously had no idea how far from myself I was actually feeling. Just after a couple days, I woke up to my normal morning routine; feed the dog, make coffee, shower.... that’s when I felt it, I looked around and felt like a fog had been lifted. I felt like I was grounded, I had energy, I felt happy... I will definitely be keeping a bottle of this magic around at all times!

Ratings: 4.8 out of 5 - more than 500 global ratings

How Do I Choose Vitamin C?

Selecting the right vitamin C supplement depends on a variety of factors, including the form, quality, dose, and price. There are many forms of vitamin C available (ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, liposomal vitamin C etc.) but there is not much evidence that one form is much better than another. 

The ascorbate forms may be easier on your stomach, but you will still run a risk of developing loose stools at too high a dose. 

You can also start by considering how you’ll be using the supplement. For instance, if you prefer to take a pill, you’ll want to check out encapsulated vitamin C supplements.

If you don’t like swallowing pills or want to mix it into beverages, your best bet is to consider liquid or powdered supplements.

Next, you want to check the supplement’s quality. Evaluate whether a brand is reputable by exploring their ingredient sourcing and manufacturing standards. A good product will also be tested by third-party organizations, such as USP, Consumer Labs, or NSF International.

Take a look at added ingredients, too. If you’re trying to limit your intake of added sugars, you want to opt for a supplement that doesn’t contain sugar.

Another factor to consider is the dosage. The recommended daily amount of vitamin C for adults is 90 mg for men, 75 mg for women, and up to 120 mg for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. However, certain medical conditions may require that you take much higher doses (NIH).

Children have lower vitamin C requirements, which range from 25–75mg per day, depending on their age. However, it’s not generally advised to give children a vitamin C supplement unless their pediatrician has recommended it.

Note that the Tolerable Upper Intake Level (UL) for vitamin C for men, as well as women ages 19 and above, is 2,000 mg. Meanwhile, the UL for children ranges from 400–1,800 mg, depending on age. Daily intakes at or below these amounts are unlikely to result in any adverse health effects (NIH).

Vitamin C supplements come in a wide range of dosage options. If you’re looking for a high dose, it may be more economical and convenient to find a concentrated supplement. This way you won’t be stuck consuming multiple servings of a lower dose option.

Generally, high doses of vitamin C are unnecessary and could contribute to harmful side effects. Only consume high doses if your healthcare provider recommends doing so.

Finally, you want to consider your budget. Some professional-grade brands can be expensive, but keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean a better product. There are plenty of high quality options available at various price points.

In contrast, all steady state comparative bioavailability studies in humans have shown no differences between synthetic and natural vitamin C, regardless of the subject population, study design or intervention used.

Can Vitamin C prevent Coronavirus?

A review, published December 7, 2020, in the journal Nutrients, recommended the use of vitamin C as an additional therapy for respiratory infections, sepsis and COVID-19.

In December 16, 2020, Rob Verkerk, Ph.D., founder and scientific director of the Alliance for Natural Health, announced the launch of an international vitamin C campaign in response to the Nutrients review, which "puts all the arguments and science in one, neat place."

As of November 2022, there are more than 15 studies that have been published to investigate the benefits of vitamin C against COVID-19. You can review the details of these studies on

The National Institutes (NIH) Panel has determined that there are insufficient data to recommend either for or against the use of Vitamin C for the treatment of non-critically ill COVID-19 (last updated November 2020).

At the Cleveland Clinic, researchers are enrolling people into a study to see if vitamin C or zinc — or a combination of the two — can reduce the duration of COVID-19 symptoms. Patients will be given the supplements after they have tested positive for COVID-19.

Currently, no definitive evidence supports the use of oral vitamin C supplements to prevent COVID-19.

Vitamin C may help shorten the duration and severity of colds caused by other viruses, but this is no guarantee that it will have the same effect on the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Additionally, vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin. It dissolves in water, meaning that excess amounts aren’t stored in your body but instead eliminated through your urine. Taking more vitamin C does not mean that your body is absorbing more (nih).

High dose vitamin C supplements may even cause diarrhea, as they can signal your body to pull water out of the cells and into your digestive tract (NIH).

Moreover, although high dose vitamin C appears promising for COVID-19 treatment, these doses were exceptionally high and given via IV — not taken orally. Additionally, it was only given in cases severe enough to require hospitalization.

Your best bet is to eat a diet that’s full of a variety of fruits and vegetables, which naturally provide all the vitamin C a healthy person needs — along with many other nutrients and antioxidants.

Possible side effects

Although vitamin C is a natural compound, getting too much of it can cause uncomfortable and potentially serious side effects.

Some of the most common reported side effects include headaches, flushed skin, nausea, and vomiting (NIH). Consuming high doses of vitamin C for prolonged periods may also increase your risk of kidney stones (NIH).

Always consult your healthcare provider prior to adding any nutritional supplement to your routine.


Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that plays a diverse role in keeping your body healthy. Although vitamin C deficiency is rare in developed countries, it can cause serious health problems that, if left untreated, could be fatal.If you have trouble getting enough vitamin C from your diet, supplements are a great option. They come in a variety of physical forms, dosages, and price points.

That said, many vitamin C supplements in the market are above the US RDA. It’s important to seek a doctor’s advice if you intend to take high dose vitamin C on a long term basis. To be on the safe side, you may also request for your kidney functions to be monitored.

Always consult your doctor prior to adding any new supplements to your health and wellness regimen. 

This article was adapted from Healthline:

Editor's Note: Those on a plant-based diet, please read this article: How Oxalates from Spinach and Almonds can Wreck Your Health.




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