Best, Dirt Cheap Way to Increase Your NAD+ Levels, Repair DNA - Dr Mercola

With rampant spike protein damage to DNA, not only from the vaccine but also from covid infections, optimum levels of NAD+ could be vital for your recovery. This article covers only the basics on NAD+, and cuts-to-the-chase on how to inexpensively supplement to increase levels.

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Excerpts by Dr. Joseph Mercola.

Mercola’s ‘Story at-a-Glance’:

  • NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is one of the most important biomolecules in your body. It’s involved in the conversion of food to energy, maintaining DNA integrity and ensuring proper cell function. Together, these functions help protect against or delay aging and disease.
  • NAD levels dramatically decline with age, contributing to aging and chronic disease states. NAD is used up by DNA repair and enzymes involved in inflammation and immunity, such that chronic inflammation, or acute illness in old age, can rapidly result in depletion.
  • NAD is critical for those who have Spike Protein damage and need DNA repair!
  • To restore NAD, you need to address the decline in the NAD salvage pathway. By increasing enzymes in that pathway, which decline with age, your body can recycle NAD like it did naturally when it was younger.
  • Dr. Mercola tells us the surprisingly simple and ALMOST FREE supplement to revitalize the NAD salvage pathway. Literally dirt cheap.

Listen to the discussion between Nichola Conlon, PhD, molecular biologist, antiaging specialist, & Dr. Mercola. 

A Little History

Going back to molecular biology roots, NAD is important for two critical things in the body.

The first is energy production. The process that takes the energy out of the food we eat and converts it into ATP, which is the form of energy currency that our cells can use to survive and do all the functions that they need to do, absolutely requires NAD. Without it, we simply wouldn’t be alive because our bodies wouldn’t be able to make any energy. If we didn’t have any NAD in our body, we’d literally be dead in 30 seconds, which shows how critical it is to our cells.

The second thing that it’s really important for is cellular maintenance and repair. NAD almost acts as a sensor in the body. It enables the cell to react to changes in energetic stress, which is basically how much energy or lack of energy the cell has … It’s absolutely fundamental.

NAD plays a large role in the Krebs cycle as it helps to pass the electrons along in the mitochondria in the electron transport chain to facilitate oxidative phosphorylation and generate cellular ATP.

In the late 1990s, David Sinclair, Ph.D., while working in Leonard Guarente’s lab at MIT, realized that NAD is the fuel for longevity proteins called sirtuins. That’s when it started coming into prominence as an anti-aging agent.

Testing NAD Levels Is Complicated

Oftentimes, before you start supplementing something, you’ll want to find out what your level is. Unfortunately, that’s extremely difficult to do with NAD. We do know that NAD levels decrease with age, which is one of the reasons why people want to boost their NAD back to youthful levels.

~17:45 : If you think of what NAD does, NAD is described as a redox molecule. What that means is, that it is continually flipping states. It carries electrons in the electron transport chain and the mitochondrial reactions. This means that by its very nature, NAD is designed to flip between different states, so it’s really, really unstable.

You cannot get your levels done at LabCorp! It must be done on site and within 20 minutes of the draw.

How NAD Is Made, Regenerated Is Extremely Complex

(so you may want to skip this and the next section… or listen from 22:00 –

“You’ve got the B vitamins and derivatives nicotinic acid (nicotinamide), niacin, nicotinamide riboside (NR) and nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). And also the amino acid tryptophan. Once these are inside the cell, they enter various different pathways which then assemble them into NAD.

There are three main pathways. The most important pathway for NAD production is something called the NAD salvage pathway.

A key thing that many people don’t realize is that when NAD is being used up in all of these beneficial processes in the cell, such as in DNA repair and activating other cellular pathways like the sirtuins, it actually gets broken down into one of its precursors, nicotinamide.

The cell is really clever because it has is this salvage pathway, a recycling pathway for this nicotinamide (also known as niacinamide).

How NAD Is Depleted

The two primary enzymes that consume NAD are:

PARP1, a DNA repair enzyme — With age (and now with the spike protein), the amount of DNA damage radically increases, which has to be repaired. The key enzyme that repairs this damage is called PARP1. For that enzyme to work, it needs NAD as a fuel. It literally takes NAD and breaks it down to create its reaction in the DNA repair action.

DNA damage within a cell can, within five minutes, deplete the NAD level in that cell to about 5% to 10% of what it started out with.

Another common exposure that causes DNA damage is electromagnetic field exposures (EMFs) from cell phones and wireless technologies. Some studies have shown that every time PARP1 is activated for DNA repair, it consumes 150 NAD molecules.

CD38 — is found on the surface of immune cells. CD38 is involved in sending signals throughout the cell to activate parts of your immune system.

“CD38 is one of the biggest NAD consumer in the body because of the fact that it is so inefficient at using NAD.

Best and Least Expensive Way to Improve NAD + Levels

Mercola states, “Although I have read dozens of papers on NAD+ the entire subject is confusing, and I now realize it is likely because of FINANCIAL INTERESTS that the BEST precursor is not recommended more frequently.

“Dr. Conlon and I agree that the best single NAD+ precursor is niacinamide, not niacin, NR or NMN.

“It is now beyond obvious to me why no one is promoting niacinamide. This is because it costs less than one cent a day and as a result there is simply no money to be made in promoting it.

“Ideally you buy 100% niacinamide powder and use 1 (or 1/2 of) 1/64th of a teaspoon three times a day (25-50 mg) in water. 

“You will need the ‘drop’ spoon from these special measuring spoons to measure this small dose. This is important as MORE is most definitely NOT better and much worse. If you use too much you will actually inhibit important longevity proteins.

smidgen holds 1/32 teaspoon, so I’m just filling it half way 3 x/d.

“Spending $11 on 250 grams of niacinamide powder will give you a nearly 4-year supply. That pencils out to 23 cents a month or less than one penny a day. It is basically free. NMN in therapeutic doses of 1-2 grams/day can be $100 – $200 a month or 400-800x more expensive than niacinamide powder.”

Synergistic Lifestyle Strategies

While supplementation can be very valuable, it’s not a magic bullet. In most cases, supplementation needs to be done in conjunction with other healthy lifestyle changes for lasting, optimal results. So, to boost and maintain youthful NAD levels, consider these strategies:

  • Physical exercise — naturally increases NAMPT (which is the recycler of niacinamide). Conlon cites research showing about three weeks of resistance training will boost NAMPT by about 127%.
  • Fasting or time-restricted eating — naturally increases NAMPT.
  • Circadian rhythm optimization by going to bed at sunset and getting up at sunrise and avoiding blue light after sunset will have profound impacts and increase NAMPT.
  • Avoid radiation exposure — To protect your NAD by preventing its consumption by PARPs, consider avoiding EMFs in the form of your cell phone and Wi-Fi and other forms of DNA damaging radiation, such as unnecessary medical x-rays and CAT scans.
  • Sauna bathing — Heat stress also helps boost NAD.

Mercola: “I currently use 50 mg. of the niacinamide powder I described above.”

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