Early Treatment of COVID-19: Review of a Tragically Censored Online Physician Resource

This review article explores a superbly designed, highly navigable website that has continuously updated the evidence-based research on early COVID-19 treatments since June 2020. The website is so exhaustively comprehensive that it could be considered a journal in itself, produced by a team of competent, committed editors.

While out in the open, some of these physicians and researchers were victimized by media attacks, de-certification, and firings from their jobs. Incredibly, some have even been banned from Twitter and Facebook for spreading “misinformation” — in the form of published peer-reviewed journals indexed by the world-leading US National Library of Medicine.

Although this singular resource has been developed and posted anonymously, one observer commented on Reddit, “It doesn’t really matter who built it, imo. All studies are referenced/linked.”

The Website Itself: The Home Page is at c19study.com

The studies for Covid’s readily-available, low-cost, and evidence-based early treatments are divided into sections: Ivermectin, Vitamin D, Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin C, and Zinc.

To take HCQ as an example, a summary page of trial outcomes is initially displayed: (updated March 2/01)

Followed by an up-to-date graphic of global HCQ use: (updated Feb. 2/01)

Followed by many tables such as: (updated March 2/01)

A global list of hydroxychloroquine Covid-19 treatment studies and outcomes, divided into early treatment and late treatment results, and complete with links and abstracts, is available athttps://hcqmeta.com/ The HCQ data alone can be downloaded as a 71-page pdf.

The project has kept up with the recent highly encouraging work on Vitamin D efficacy during hospitalization. Below is a sample of the kind of lists that are maintained for each of the treatments covered: 

Each of these articles can be opened to reveal a gold mine of further information: 


A final example can be taken from the extensive work on Ivermectin: (85 items as of March 2/01) 


For Ivermectin, as for the other early treatments, the editors offer an inclusion statement and an invitation to participate: 

“For search methods, inclusion criteria, effect extraction criteria (more serious outcomes have priority), PRISMA answers, and statistical methods see ivmmeta.com. In Vitro, Ex Vivo, Meta, Theory, Safety, Review, and News items are not included in the study count. There is a total of 85 items. Studies with preprints and journal versions are listed under the earlier preprint date. 

Please send us corrections, updates, or comments.” 

The all-important early home treatment algorithm for practising physicians to consult from AAPS:


Shockingly, the Twitter account informing the world of all this painstaking research has been suspended: 



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