10 Best Formula Milk for Newborn Babies in USA 2022

If you are looking for the best formula milk for baby who is from 0-6 months old in USA, you've come to the right place. Breastmilk is nature's perfect baby food. But if you can’t breastfeed, or if you’ve chosen not to, formula milk is the next best thing. Scientists and medical experts have spent years developing high-quality formula milks that will provide your baby with the nutrition she needs

When you’re deciding which is the best milk powder for your baby, you will need to take several factors into consideration. Think about her health and dietary needs, her age, and the cost and preparation time of different formula milks. 

As a summary, there are three different types of formula:
  • cow’s milk-based formula
  • hydrolysed protein formula
  • soya-based formulaIt’s most likely your baby can have cow’s milk-based formula, unless there’s a health or dietary reason why she can’t.
Update: Many of the infant formula products are out of stock on Amazon. You may wish to keep your options open to multiple online and offline channels or visit the site regularly to check whether the items are back in stock.

Best Infant Formula USA 2020 / 2021

There are many different brands for baby or infant milk formulas in USA. We have trawled through the reviews, Google search results and milk powder comparison information available on blogs and forums, and shortlisted the best for you. Here are the best baby milk powders you can buy online in USA today.

1. Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron

This Similac baby milk formula has more than 3,900 customer reviews and is the no. 1 best seller in the powder baby formula category of Amazon Best Sellers. Similac has one of the widest range of milk powders in USA.

The Best Sellers in Baby and Toddler Formula category of Amazon Best Sellers are updated hourly based on sales.

Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron, with 2’-FL HMO, for Immune Support, Baby Formula, Powder, (One-Month Supply), 2.25 Pound (Pack of 3) > Check Price on Amazon

Similac Pro-Advance is their closest formula to breast milk. This baby milk formula is a well-formulated baby formula with 2’-FL human milk oligosaccharide that provides immune support to the baby by encouraging immune cells to release protective proteins in amounts more like the breastfed baby.

This baby Milk formula for 0-6 Months baby is also one of the leading infant formula with no artificial growth hormones.

More about the baby milk formula

2'FL HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharide) adds another layer to Similac’s already proven immune support
DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E for Brain & Eye Development
Highly recommended by mothers
No Artificial Growth Hormones
Backed by more than 15 years of extensive research

2. Enspire Gentlease

Enfamil Enspire is touted as the most similar milk formula to breast milk because it has Lactoferrin, unlike Neuro Pro. It contains hydrolysed milk proteins, making it easier to digest. Lactoferrin helps support the microbiome and prevents gastrointestinal infections. It is certified to be non-GMO.

It uses cow’s milk. It is also enriched with various plant-based ingredients to provide complete nutrition for your baby. However, since it contains cow’s milk and soy, it is not suitable for babies who are allergic to such ingredients.

Main ingredients : nonfat milk, whey protein-lipid concentrate, whey protein concentrate, lactose, and vegetable oil (which consists of coconut oil, soy oil, high oleic sunflower oil, and palm oil).

Sub Ingredients
Added vitamins and minerals, lactoferrin, polydextrose, galactooligosaccharides, crypthecodiniumcohnii oil, and mortierellaalpina oil.

Polydextrose is a soluble fiber that usually acts as a sweetener for sugar-free and diabetic recipes. Unlike sugar, polydextrose doesn’t significantly increase the caloric count of the infant formula.

Enspire Gentlease Review : 4.6 out of 5 - 797 global ratings on Amazon

Adopted a newborn baby boy and this is the formula I decided to use because of the added "colostrum" type properties! As a farmer, we always use a colostrum type of formula at first for baby animals that don't get to nurse from mom. Didn't try this for our newborn until he was brought home at 4 days old, but he did excellent on it! He was Jaundice and I felt he still could benefit from a formula with the colostrum type properties. No spitting up at all! And the gas he had from the hospital's Similac formula, totally stopped after a full day on the Enspire! He used up the entire container after 10 days... (big baby, big eater). He was also cleared of his Jaundice at his 1st checkup! I switched him to the Enfamil Neuro-Pro Gentlease now that I don't feel the need for the extra "colostrum" benefit. He made the switch with ease and is now doing great on that too! But definitely a great 1st formula! I'm a foster mom and will definitely keep this on hand and use this with any newborn placements I get... as long as they don't have any specific dietary needs!!

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3. Baby's Only Organic Gentle Dairy Toddler Formula

- Whey & Dairy Protein with DHA & ARA
-12.7 Oz
- Non-GMO | USDA Organic | Clean Label Project Verified

- Our Whey & Dairy with Organic DHA & ARA is formulated with a protein and carbohydrate composition more like that of breast milk to supports brain & eye development
- Added organic whey protein powder.
- Rated "Best in Class" by CleanLabelProject for purity & nutritional superiority
- Our DHA and ARA is hexane free, unlike the DHA and ARA derived from algae or fungus sources
- Made in the U.S.A.

Before ordering LactoRelief I called Nature's One to inquire about the amount of lactose in it. They said it's less than 1%-that's a big difference! I ordered it right away & our son has been on it ever since. His remaining gastric issues cleared up almost immediately & he's now 3 months old & doing terrific. We'll keep using this formula until he no longer needs formula.

4.6 out of 5 - 2,470 global ratings

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4. Similac Pro-Sensitive Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron, with 2’-FL HMO, for Immune Support

Another Similac baby milk formula best seller with more than 2,200 customer reviews and is currently the no. 4 best seller in the powder baby formula category of Amazon Best Sellers.

Similac Pro-Sensitive Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron, with 2’-FL HMO, for Immune Support, Baby Formula, Powder, 2.18 Lb (Pack of 3) (One-Month Supply) > Check Price on Amazon

Description about the baby milk formula
Similac Pro-Sensitive is the first infant formula for sensitive tummies with 2’-FL HMO;(Based on Pediatrician Recommendations and IQVIA ProVoice Survey 12 months ending February 2020; not from human milk)

VALUE SIZE/SUBSCRIBE and SAVE: 1 Can provides 55% more powder than the 1.41-lb container; 3 cans provide a one-month supply or 189 4-fl-oz bottles; Choose Subscribe and Save for additional savings and convenience

FOR SENSITIVE TUMMIES: Designed for fussiness and gas due to lactose sensitivity; Not for infants or children with galactosemia

IMMUNE SUPPORT: Similac Pro-Sensitive is the first infant formula with 2’-FL human milk oligosaccharide (Not from human milk)

TRUSTED: Similac is the No.1 infant formula brand chosen by moms and the No.1 brand fed in hospitals (total US infant formula all outlets as of 3/31/18, Nielsen data)

OptiGRO: Our exclusive blend of DHA, Lutein, and Vitamin E, nutrients also found in breast milk, help support baby’s brain and eye development

Eligible to be purchased with Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits
In select stores; The SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assurance Program) name is a service mark of the U.S. Department of Agriculture;USDA does not endorse any goods, services, or enterprises

5. Earth's Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula

Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula with Iron is our closest formula to breast milk. The formula is fortified with iron for red blood cell development and contains DHA and ARA, two fatty acids found in breast milk that help support brain and eye health. With lutein for eyes and prebiotic fiber for immunity, this is a fantastic formula solution for your little one.

- With Iron, Omega-3 DHA and Omega-6 ARA
- Organic formula that is easy to digest
- Nutritionally complete for baby's first twelve months
- All lactose milk based powder formulation, no added corn syrup solids.
- Water assisted extracted DHA
- Omega 3 DHA and Omega 6 ARA fatty acids naturally found in breast milk to support brain and eye development, Iron for healthy development
- With Lutein for Eyes and Prebiotic Fructooligosaccharides for Immunity
- Non GMO ingredients and Kosher
- Made without prohibited synthetic pesticides and fertilizers
- No artificial growth hormones

This has been a god-send. I feel comfortable giving it to my daughter, it doesn’t upset her stomach, and she loves it! Absolutely loves it- she smiles and giggles when she sees me shake up a bottle (unfortunately this didn’t help my breastfeeding quest and she much prefers the bottle). But I am so thankful to Earths Best for making an affordable and healthy organic option made with lactose.

4.7 out of 5 - 3,925 global ratings

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6. Gerber Good Start Soothe (HMO)

- Non-GMO Powder Infant Formula
- For infants up to 12 months old experiencing colic, excessive crying, fussiness and gas
- With Iron, 2’-FL HMO and Probiotics for Digestive Health and Immune System Support
- Soothing Nutrition: Modeled after the complete nutrition and gentleness of breastmilk
- Features prebiotics, comfort proteins and probiotics that improve the good bacteria in tummies and promote soft stools

Our 2nd baby was born with a sensitive stomach unfortunately. We tried enfamil for sensitive tummies and similac. He was still waking up nearly every hour with gas pains. Our pediatrician recommended Gerber and he slept 3 solid hours for the first time that night: we were beyond thrilled!
3 months later and he is almost sleeping through the night. This formula seems to really agree with his gut.

4.8 out of 5 - 1,819 global ratings

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7. Happy Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula

- For babies from 0 to 12 months with sensitive bellies
- Provides a complete nutrient blend with lactose reduced by 75% to ease occasional fussiness & gas in lactose-sensitive babies
- Digestive Support: Our prebiotic mix (GOS & FOS) mimics the function of prebiotics found in breast milk
- Non-GMO & Gluten-Free

My baby was born in March and we tried a lot of formulas. They made him constipated, projectile vomit, or gave him colic all night long. I tried 10-12 different formulas. My pediatrician then recommended I go for soy, since he figured baby had a milk allergy. I didn't want to go that route, so I tried this as a last resort. My baby started to sleep during the night again and he wasn't constipated or vomiting at all. He doesn't even have spit-up with this one. It has been wonderful and he's almost 6 months now. He's growing at a healthy rate and enjoys his milk.

To add, I tried some formulas that smelled so bad I felt I gagged. This one doesn't smell bad at all. The only con is the price and that I can only find it on Amazon or Target.

4.7 out of 5 - 2,894 global ratings

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8. Kendamil Goat Milk Formula Stage 1 - Best Goat Milk Formula for Acid Reflux

Why choose Kendamil Goat milk formula instead of the Kendamil cow milk formula? Goat milk is easier to digest than cow milk and the A2 milk makes the formula easier for infants to absorb. The added HMOs make this Goat milk formula different than the other options on the market as well.

- For newborns 0-6 months old
- You can supplement breastmilk with Kendamil Goat or use it alongside.
- Produced in the United Kingdom
- The selenium and natural prebiotics found in Kendamil Goat milk formula are similar to breastmilk, boosting your baby's immune system.
- Made with 100% full cream goat's milk that is loaded with prebiotics.
- Kendamil is rich in vitamins—such as iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D
- Organic Prebiotics from whole A2 Goat Milk
- No Palm Oil (Coconut Oil instead)
- No added sugars or synthetic preservatives
- No Fish Oil, plant based DHA instead
- No wheat, soy, maltodextrin or peanut ingredients
- Omega-3 and 6 LCPs (DHA & ARA) for brain development (without hexane extraction)
- Main Carbohydrate is lactose
- GMO-free

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9. Bobbie Organic Infant Formula

Bobbie is a nutritionally complete, milk-based infant formula intended for full term, healthy infants (0-12 months of age). Bobbie’s protein ratio is similar to the protein ratio of breast milk and is designed to support gentle digestion, supporting those growing little tummies while being easy on the gut.

- It contains water-extracted (not hexane-extracted) DHA to help support brain development.
- Bobbie is one of the only U.S. formulas meeting both European & U.S. requirements for iron.
- All infant formulas are required to go through strict manufacturing procedures.
- Bobbie contains highly refined coconut oil, which does not contain allergens.
- Bobbie is not suitable for premature infants or infants with allergies to milk or soy.
- Gluten-free
- No palm oil, no corn syrup
- Non-GMO (ingredients not genetically engineered)
- No Maltodextrin
- No added natural or artificial flavors and colors (like all infant formulas)

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10. HiPP Combiotic Infant Formula Stage 1

HiPP is one of the world’s leading baby food and formula manufacturers. Everything they create is made from only organic or naturally farmed ingredients. Adhering to strict guidelines, HiPP formula is as pure and nutritious as anything available on the market anywhere in the world.

Designed for babies ages 0 to 6 months, HiPP Combiotic Infant Formula Stage 1 is the perfect nutritional balance for small growing bodies. With vitamins and minerals, prebiotics and probiotics, and Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, this whey-based formula is ideal for babies.

HiPP Combiotic Stage 1 Formula is a perfect addition to breast milk or used as the only source of nutrition. In later months, as the baby begins to eat cereals and solid foods, this formula can be used to mix with organic grains.

HiPP Combiotic formulas are designed to include probiotic and prebiotic ingredients. Probiotics are gut flora that aid in digestion and provide immune support. Prebiotics are dietary fibers that feed healthy intestinal flora. This combination gives babies a solid, healthful gut that helps their immune system and digestion.

- Vitamins A, C, and D and iron
- Soy-Free
- No starch added
- Fortified with vitamins to create a healthy immune system
- Contains Prebiotics and Probiotics
- No added sugar
- Gluten-free
- Constantly checked to make sure it meets the highest legal, safety and nutritional requirements
- Instant preparation, ready in minutes. Just add boiled water and shake well

This is truly the next best thing to mother's milk. Previously was supplementing with another formula that stained my son's clothing yellow, his burps smelled bad and the milk itself was a brown color. Once we switched to HIPP, it's hard to tell the difference between the formula and breastmilk and the burps do not smell. Most importantly baby's poop also resembles that of breastfed baby poop! If recommend this brand to anyone as it's the best thing you can offer your baby.

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