Patented P.A.C.R. breakthrough shown in a study to help Restore Male Performance

 Hello. I’m Dr. Scott Olson, ND.

I’m about to reveal a patent-protected secret for men, so effective…

…a study showed it helped restore erectile performance—and improve 100% of all sexual performance scores.

Yes, you read that right—100%.

And, for some, these results came quickly.

I’m going to share the exciting details with you in just a moment.

I’m also going to show you how this breakthrough…

…helps solve a key reason men struggle with sexual performance as they age.

In fact, this patented solution helps restore a natural “mechanism” that allows younger men to achieve full, solid erections.

It has to do with allowing more blood to rush into the penis when aroused.

That’s a true key to successful, impressive erections…

…and a satisfying sex life for you and your wife.

And your wife will definitely be interested in this news…

You see, there was something surprising about one study I’m going to share in a moment...

It actually asked the participants’ WIVES to rate their performance, after their husbands tried this patented breakthrough.

I’ll share those results in a moment—but they’re astonishing.

So, no matter how long you’ve struggled with erectile performance…

And no matter if what you’ve tried has let you down in the past…

…this could work for you.

So let me tell you everything right now…

When a team of top scientists tested this discovery—known as P.A.C.R. (I’ll tell you what that stands for in a moment)…

…on men with erectile performance issues, the results were incredible

The study was conducted in 2015 on men between the ages of 30 to 50 and…

P.A.C.R. quickly helped…

  • Ramp up erectile function and sexual desire…
  • Boost their sexual satisfaction...
  • Improve the number of orgasms…
  • Fire up natural testosterone and…

Believe it or not, that’s just the start

I’ll share more details on this study in just a bit.

But first, research also shows that P.A.C.R. gets at a critical root cause of disappointing sexual and erectile performance (I’ll explain that in just a sec)…

And it has a study with a 100% success rate on every single sexual performance score the scientists measured!

So if you’ve tried everything and you’ve been disappointed—P.A.C.R. could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Because I know you have never tried anything like it.

You see, unlike everything else out there—P.A.C.R. is not some temporary fix…

Or some silly exercise, expensive gadget, or crazy herbal concoction…


P.A.C.R. is the real thing

Studies show it can help flip your sexual response switch from “manual” back to “automatic.”

With P.A.C.R., everything could just work better

Think back, to when you were a strapping young man...

Remember that?

I mean, you never even had to try back then…

It just all kind of magically… happened.

Could you finally get that magic back?

You NEED this vital information. Every man does.

Because P.A.C.R is not just a game-changer—it could be a life changer.

And unlike other popular “solutions” you’ve seen on TV—with this, everything happens naturally—like it should.

With the added power of P.A.C.R., you could deliver more dependable (and memorable) performances…

My name, again, is Dr. Scott Olson, ND.

I’m the Medical Advisor at Gold Leaf Nutritionals, a leading American nutraceuticals firm.

I've been a practicing naturopathic doctor for over 23 years, and have dedicated my career to helping uncover the true, underlying causes of many of the symptoms we experience as we age.

Through my naturopathic practices in Colorado and Tennessee, I've helped countless seniors restore a younger, healthier body.

As Medical Advisor for Gold Leaf Nutritionals, I spend my days reading scientific papers and researching medical breakthroughs that can improve the lives of American seniors.

That’s why I had to get the word out on this breakthrough.

Because in all my years of research—I have never seen anything that delivers results like P.A.C.R. does.

It helps correct a leading cause of slumping sexual performance… and can essentially help turn back the clock on your manhood

Several groups of European men have already used P.A.C.R. to enjoy great sex again.

Research on those men showed that this breakthrough helped…

Trigger more pleasurable sexual performances, higher testosterone, and improve stamina…

It also helped men…

Get harder, longer-lasting erections after just one month.

Research in 2015 was performed on a group of 50 men ages 30-50, all reporting moderate erectile problems.

Volunteers filled out a standard medical questionnaire used to measure sexual function and wellness.

The volunteers were asked to rate all areas of male sexual function on a scale including…

  • Erectile function
  • Orgasmic function
  • Sexual desire
  • Intercourse satisfaction
  • Overall satisfaction

Scores were calculated before and after 4 weeks of using P.A.C.R.

And after just 4 weeks, scores improved across all measurements.

Showing that P.A.C.R….

AMPED UP performance...

Boosted sexual function and satisfaction…

And even improved orgasms…

And while this is just one study on 30 to 50-year-olds… improvement on 100% of sex scores is incredible.

Just imagine how great that would feel…

Refueled with drive and stamina like these men…

Because remember—the men in the studies had difficulty performing in bed before P.A.C.R.. But after just 4 weeks, it helped significantly improve their sexual performance and satisfaction!

Even top experts are blown away by what it can do.

That’s why it’s also doctor-recommended.

In fact, one famous NYU M.D. and best-selling sex expert—Dr. Steve Lamm—saw P.A.C.R. work…

…and said it’s the key to helping restore “men’s ability to spontaneously respond to sexual arousal.”

And that’s so important. After all, the best lovemaking is fun and spontaneous...

That’s why P.A.C.R. is designed to transform any long, cold love-life—into a scorching hot, sheet-twisting romance again.

So, if you’re ready to finally reclaim the sexual power you used to havestay tuned…

Because in just a few moments…

I’m going to reveal this P.A.C.R. sex secret to you.

I’ll even share a firsthand account of a woman who had to beg her husband to stop using it, because she was exhausted from having TOO MUCH SEX!

You’ll hear what men just like you have to say about it too.

Their experiences make it clear that this breakthrough is…

The real secret to GREAT SEX as you age

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering—how exactly does P.A.C.R. work?

Well, the science on it shows that it helps restore the body’s ability to make a critical ingredient you need for full, solid erections.

And trust me, this is HUGE.

Because this ingredient is why—when you were in high school—all you had to do was just think about a beautiful woman…

…and you’d get excited instantaneously…

Problem is… Like most anything else that makes you feel young and on fire

Your body churns out less of it as you age.

That’s why simply thinking about a beautiful woman now likely won’t spring you to attention like it used to.

So, what’s that critical ingredient for full erections?

It’s called Nitric Oxide—NO for short.

Now, since you’re here, I know that you’re a health savvy individual…

…and you’ve probably heard of nitric oxide or NO before (although, never like this).

So, I won’t get too bogged down in the science on it.

But what you should know is that NO is vital for a healthy sex life.

You see, nitric oxide is a special molecule made by the endothelium cells that line your arteries.

Its job is to relax artery walls so that more blood can flow through.

When you’re young and you’re pumping out plenty of NO…

The arteries in your penis quickly expand and blood rushes right in—instantly triggering an erection.

But if your nitric oxide is low—your erections will be slow… and… well… less than impressive.

After all, less blood means a smaller, softer erection. Kind of like less air in a balloon.

And unfortunately—that’s exactly what happens as you get older.

Your endothelium cells start making less and less nitric oxide.

In fact, by the time you hit 70, your NO levels could be a mere QUARTER of what they were when you were in your prime.

That’s why…

Low NO is a common reason men experience erectile and sexual performance issues as they
get older

But when you get your NO back up…

You could get strong erections whenever the mood strikes.

Because this is some pretty potent stuff.

That’s why for decades now, the research community has been desperately searching for the perfect way to raise NO levels in aging men.

Since unfortunately—you can’t bottle NO.

And since necessity is the mother of invention

A brilliant team of scientists came up with something EVEN BETTER.

They spent 25 years on research—tedious trial and error—testing natural ways to trigger men to MAKE more natural NO—so they could always enjoy great erections and even greater sex.

And then, one day

They. Struck. Gold.

They discovered that when taken together, a special blend of nutrients suddenly sends NO production way up

And even more amazingly—keeps it up

Essentially, turning back the clock on your sex life.


Waking up excited every morning

The playful look in her eyes when you pull her near and she feels you pressed against her…

All of the fun you’ll have together again… just like honeymooners.

And this unique P.A.C.R. technology is so groundbreaking—it’s patent-protected.

But today I am authorized to share this breakthrough with you…

Here’s how P.A.C.R. was born…

You see, this team of elite researchers started their groundbreaking work on this breakthrough way back in 1993.

They were hunting down nutrients to trigger NO production—resulting in hard erections that could go the distance.

So they gathered 40 men between 25-45 with erectile dysfunction for a preliminary, non-placebo study…

And decided to first try them on a hefty dose of an amino acid called l-arginine.

Now, let me just stop for a moment and say—if you’ve tried l-arginine before—and you were disappointed by your results—there’s a simple reason why…

Remember those endothelium cells in the lining of your arteries that I mentioned earlier?

Well they actually combine l-arginine with enzymes in order to make nitric oxide. In fact, it’s critical for it.

So of course, using l-arginine to raise NO levels is a no-brainer.

But this team’s early research results show exactly why just l-arginine alone may not be enough.

Because after 1 month, 5% of the men had erectile function again.

Now, I’m not saying that wasn’t great for those lucky guys in the 5%—but what about everybody else?

If you’ve ever tried anything with l-arginine in it, and you’ve been disappointed with the results…

This might be why…

It turns out, when you combine l-arginine with a second nutrient, it can really set it off.

And it was that discovery that changed everything…

Because next these scientists decided to try a little-known patented extract called Pycnogenol® with the l-arginine dose…

You see, Pycnogenol’s unique antioxidant action not only helps enhance blood flow, it helps stimulate an enzyme that works with l-arginine to make NO.

And just like throwing lighter fluid on an open flame…

Pycnogenol sent these men’s erections—shooting straight up!

Suddenly, instead of 5% of the guys getting back full sexual performance…

It was 80%!

And when they added even more Pycnogenol…

The number jumped to 92%!

So almost every guy in this preliminary research study was fully back in action.

Now, today Pycnogenol is all the rage in the medical community…

This compound is extracted exclusively from the bark of a special species of pine tree that grows only in one forest in Southwestern France…

Modern research shows it’s a Godsend for your heart and cardiovascular system, helps support healthy memoryblood sugarblood pressurecholesterol… and the list just goes on and on.

But back then, no one had even heard of this stuff.

Except these scientists, because well, they also happened to be working with the team that patented Pycnogenol.

But this was just the first step to creating the full P.A.C.R. breakthrough I’m revealing to you today…

You see, they did another preliminary non-placebo study in 2002…

This time the researchers wanted to see how l-arginine and Pycnogenol performed long-term.

I’m sure you know just how crucial this is…

Because male performance products have a well-earned reputation for losing their potency with continued use…

And it turned out—this stuff stood the test of time.

Because fifty men, this time all over age 45—with low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, and lower sperm counts—took the l-arginine-Pycnogenol combo for 11 months.

Now, these guys were in some pretty sad shape at the start of the study…

But once on the combo,

Nearly ALL of them were performing great in bed again

And over the months that followed?

Well, this dynamic l-arginine-Pycnogenol duo just kept on working… and working… and working…

I mean, no two men are going to ever get the same results, but can’t you just picture what it could feel like? Transforming into the young stud you once were…

Radiating masculinity and animal magnetism…

Feeling full of life… and full of fire.

Raring to go like a brand-new race-car, fresh off the lot…

And THE NEW YOU will have the confidence to get her engine purring again if you know what I mean.

Because it can be tough for a woman to resist an older man with well-earned sexual confidence.


A second non-placebo study that same year on men 30-60+ showed that many of these men with erectile dysfunction who took the l-arginine-Pycnogenol combo got a nice boost in...

Morning erections…

Sexual dreams…

Sexual fantasies…


It got A LOT easier for these guys to GET HARD and STAY HARD

Just think how incredible they must have felt.

Plus, if that weren’t all enough, the scientists asked the men what their partners thought, and some

Reported their husbands had reinvigorated desire for sex…

And that their men were even BETTER IN BED!

That must have been be great to hear. Their lovely ladies telling them how good the men made them feel... How much pleasure the men gave them…

Now, this is very preliminary research, but to top it off…

All that happened in just 6 short weeks.

Obviously, not every guy is going to get the exact same results as the men in these studies, but could you just imagine what that would be like…

Opening your eyes in the morning, fresh off a dream about you and that sexy blonde you used to know…

Looking down and realizing you’re stiff-as-steel…

Just the thought of sex getting your blood moving again…

Showing your woman what you can do as you take her to new heights of pleasure…

And feeling reborn with a new rush of pure masculine vigor.

Now, most scientists would’ve probably quit right there and declared victory.

But not these guys.

Because they didn’t set out to just make something better than what was out there.

They weren’t going to settle with just winning the battle.

No, they were out to WIN THE WAR.

So in 2008, the researchers decided to test the l-arginine-Pycnogenol combo on a group of 50 men ages 30-50 with erectile dysfunction.

And just 24 hours into the study, one of the men reported improved sexual function OVERNIGHT.

Now, while this guy took the prize as the “24-hour Man” his bragging rights only lasted a few days…

Because most of his fellow study participants caught up with him just 4 days later.

And here’s the best part.


That’s right—the gold medal, the practically unheard of achievement that most scientists will only dream of…

100% of the men reported improvement.

You know the saying, “No man left behind.”

Well these guys really meant it.

Because on average, the overall sexual satisfaction scores of the men in the study IMPROVED.

They enjoyed…

  • boost in their SEXUAL DESIRE…
  • And even more sex in just 1 month!

Now the improvements were based on a standard medical questionnaire given before and after treatment—so it’s all relative to the end user.

But every man reported improvement, which is hard to beat!

And while this study might seem like the last word on the P.A.C.R. breakthrough…

It’s actually where the real story begins.

Because in 2015… These scientists decided to put it to the test once again.

After more than two decades of studying how l-arginine and Pycnogenol helped restore men to their sexual prime… they thought they could do even better

Remember earlier when I said that l-arginine alone only helped 5% of men improve sexual performance in that first study?

Well, that’s because when you take l-arginine orally your body has trouble using it.

And most of it goes to waste.

So, you have to take a ton to hopefully feel… something.

Now, the scientists solved part of that by adding Pycnogenol…

But the men still had to take a huge 3,000 mg dose of l-arginine.

And who wants to do that?

So the scientists decided to cut almost 1,000 mg of that l-arginine, and replace it with something that worked even better

Just a pinch of another powerful amino acid, l-citrulline.

You see, l-citrulline is way better absorbed by your body.

And it actually turns into l-arginine… which then becomes NO.

And you already know that NO is a critical ingredient for stiff erections and pleasurable sex.

So by cutting A LOT of l-arginine and replacing it with l-citrulline instead…


Now that’s what I’d call more BANG for your buck.

But they didn’t stop there.

Next, they added a newly patented nutrient making BIG waves in the scientific community.

This unique extract comes from a very special species of oak trees…

And researchers say that these oaks are the ONLY place on Earth where a special type of bioflavonoids—called roburins—are found.

And these roburins are life-giving powerhouses that can help make you feel like a new man.

You see, your cell’s energy generators—your mitochondria—get worn out as you get older.

Leaving your cells, your muscles, your whole body with less and less energy and stamina.

If you’ve noticed you lose your steam—doing anything—including making love to your wife—it’s not in your head

It’s in your mitochondria.

But the roburins in this patented extract called Robuvit® —are like little mitochondria rejuvenators.

First, they go to work and clear out all those old mitochondria slowing you down…

Second, they help stimulate fresh NEW mitochondria

That means every cell in your body could get a serious power boost.

So not only do you get recharged head to toe with fresh NEW energy

You’re suddenly flush with youthful stamina and endurance again.

And study after study on Robuvit shows it helps people enjoy amazing new physical potential.

More natural energy, circulation, sound sleep—you name it.

And what could be better for your sex life?

Truth is…

Robuvit could help you feel reinvigorated

Like a brand new you.

So it’s easy to see why Robuvit was the final touch needed for P.A.C.R.

And now, you can feel the power of P.A.C.R. for yourself…

Because I’m proud to introduce—ViraSurge™.

Bottle of ViraSurge

ViraSurge delivers the complete, patented, proprietary P.A.C.R. blend of:



Citrulline, and…


For the most advanced—and more importantly—clinically effective, natural male performance formula I’ve ever seen.

In fact, after the P.A.C.R. formula in ViraSurge was perfected, the researchers wasted no time testing it on a group of fifty 30–50-year-old men with erectile dysfunction…

And I guess you could say that ViraSurge’s P.A.C.R. power hit these men like a bolt of sexual lightning!

Improving every single one—100%—of the sexual performance scores on the before-and-after questionnaire.

That’s right…

Their erectile function SERIOUSLY improved…

They enjoyed improved sex drive and desire

And significantly improved sexual satisfaction.

Plus, on average, a score measuring their ability to get rock-hard, long-lasting erections also went up!

And apparently, these husbands and wives had a lot of catching up to do because these men enjoyed an INCREASE IN ORGASM scores over just 4 weeks!

When asked, these men also said life just felt… better. I bet it did!

And besides all the incredible sex they were having, one of the reasons they felt so great was probably because their…


And that’s crucial for a healthy sex life because testosterone is the fuel your manhood runs on.

You can thank it for the lean muscles, sex drive, and Olympic-level stamina you had in your prime.

But your testosterone levels drop every year after you turn 40.

And as your testosterone goes down, your powerful young body—and sexual potency— starts to… droop

Getting softer in the middle… and weaker below the belt.

And what’s worse is—the less sex you have—the less testosterone you make!

So it becomes a destructive cycle of less testosterone… less sex… less sex… less testosterone.

But fortunately, with ViraSurge’s patented P.A.C.R. breakthrough—you can now reverse this cycle.

Because when you start having more sex—like the men in the studies who took ViraSurgeyou could start making MORE testosterone.

And more testosterone can do wonders for the male body… helping turn-around the aging process

Testosterone on its own has been show to help make muscles STRONGER… the body LEANER… stamina POWERFUL… and most of all... sex drive ELECTRIFYING.

So if you’re ready for a second shot at your masculine prime…

And a thrilling new sex life

Then ViraSurge is exactly what you need.


It took years of testing and research to formulate the P.A.C.R. blend in ViraSurge…

But now it’s finally here—a patented, non-prescription formula made with non-GMO ingredients of truly unmatched quality.

And let me be completely clear.

ViraSurge is unlike anything else you’ve ever seen before.

And its P.A.C.R. blend is scientifically designed to help improve erectile performance… and help resolve what’s getting in your way.

Delivering the scientifically verified dosage of l-arginine, l-citrulline and Pycnogenol—to help boost your NO levels, improve your circulation, and deliver spontaneous, stiff-as-steel erections that last till you both get enough…

Plus a powerful shot of Robuvit to help support energy and stamina.

With the patented P.A.C.R. compound in ViraSurge you get EVERYTHING you need to promote… A mega-power SEX DRIVE, high octane performances, turbo-charged sexual endurance, and orgasm after orgasm.

Don’t forget that YOUR LADY will likely love what it does for her, too…

Remember, the men were asked how their partners rated their sexual performances after taking ingredients in ViraSurge…

And they reported both better sex drive AND better sex!

That’s why…


And I’ve already got some incredible first-hand accounts that prove it…

Like Bob, who literally feels sexually recharged:

"With ViraSurge sex is longer and more fulfilling. I always stay super hard now. And my erections keep working like the Energizer Bunny!"
—Bob T., Dallas, TX

And Arthur who has a very lucky wife indeed:

"My problems with sex are OVER! Now I’ve always got the staying power I need to give my wife orgasms. ViraSurge is fantastic. I can get a really rock-hard erection quite easily, amazingly so, and sustain it for as long as I want!"
—Arthur G., Elkhart, IN

Now you have a choice to make.

You can go along like you are now…

Accepting an unsatisfying love-life…

Hoping things don’t get any worse…

Or you can choose the option behind Door #2

A chance to start fresh…

Remember the research studies we’ve discussed and what some men have seen…

That surge in rejuvenating testosterone… spontaneous, harder, longer lasting erections, results starting in as fast as 24 hours for one man… more intense sexual pleasure…increased sexual desire… more bed-shaking orgasms!

And that’s only the beginning.

As ViraSurge keeps working…

You’re filled with new confidence and excitement—enjoying your life to the fullest.

Finding yourself…

Looking into your wife’s eyes and noticing there’s a brand-new romantic twinkle when she looks back at you

Or suddenly getting attention from younger women again… Because there’s nothing more irresistible than an older man who exudes sexual confidence…

Or smiling to yourself when friends start asking what’s put that new bounce in your step

It’s all possible with the P.A.C.R. technology inside ViraSurge—giving you the synergistic, patented power of…

L-arginine, l-citrulline, Pycnogenol, and Robuvit—to help promote stiff, long lasting erections, intense new pleasure, better sexual performances, enhanced endurance, and climax after delicious climax.

Pretty incredible, right?

The P.A.C.R. breakthrough gives you the chance to END SEXUAL DISSATISFACTION and…

Claim your NEW DESTINY

Listen, this is your moment—to make your future the brightest it can be.

With improved sexual stamina…

Rock-hard erections you can count on…

And sexual desire that makes you feel like a teen again…

And while nothing in life is a sure thing—ViraSurge’s patented P.A.C.R. formula is as close to it as you’ll ever find.

Plus, its quality is simply unmatched.

ViraSurge’s patented, proprietary P.A.C.R. blend is simply one of the most advanced natural sexual performance breakthroughs ever discovered.

Plus, every single batch of ViraSurge is put through rigorous scientific testing to guarantee its purity and potency.

And even though P.A.C.R.’s patented power gets to work fast—ViraSurge is intended to support a healthy body—and sex life—long-term.

Plus, we know that every man is different. And studies on the P.A.C.R. ViraSurge formula prove that.

That’s why I’ve made it easy for you to try ViraSurge for as long as you want.

So every single bottle of ViraSurge is fully backed by a rock-solid 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

That means you don’t risk ONE PENNY when you give it a try.

Because I don’t want ANYTHING to hold you back from getting the sexual satisfaction you deserve.

And here’s where it gets really good—


It doesn’t matter if you’re on your first bottle, or your 21st...

You can always return it for a 100% refund of the purchase price.

And once you try ViraSurge, you could feel how quickly your erections, stamina, sex drive, and climaxes all improve.

And you’ll never want to give up the new sense of control and confidence the patented P.A.C.R. technology in ViraSurge gives you in bed.

But if at any point, you’re not completely thrilled with your results...

I want you to give my team a call—so that we can make it right with a prompt, polite, no-hassle refund—with no questions asked.

It’s that simple.

But there’s a couple more things you should know…

You will never find ViraSurge in stores—because you can only get it right here—directly from Gold Leaf Nutritionals.

We use only the highest-quality natural ingredients, and advanced science to bring you truly superior formulations that work.

And because we ship them directly to you, you’re guaranteed the best products and the best service…

…with NO hassles.

But because ViraSurge has such a unique, proprietary blend of premium ingredients—it takes a very long time to make.

On top of that, the patented P.A.C.R. nutrients are very difficult to get.

So unfortunately—and I can’t stress this enough

You must act fast…

Our exclusive formulas have sold out fast in the past, and we can’t guarantee ViraSurge will last long.

So it’s wise to order the largest supply now while you can.

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I recommend you immediately bring your ViraSurge supply into your kitchen, open it up…

…and wash down your first dose with a cool glass of water.

Before you wake up the next morning, the patented P.A.C.R. nutrients in ViraSurge will already be transforming your body from the inside out…

Soon, you could feel your sex drive surging back to life...

A thrilling current of new sexual electricity coursing through your body…

Restoring spontaneous, hard erections that take you and your partner to new heights of pleasure…

And as time goes on, you might just feel transformed… and more fulfilled.

You’ll look in the mirror and realize you’re a brand-new man.

Then think to yourself, “How did I get by before ViraSurge?”

And once you enjoy a better sex life—you don’t want to backtrack like that.

Not after knowing just how incredible it feels to perform like the lion of a man you really are.

And Arthur from Indiana can attest…

"My problems with sex are OVER! Now I’ve always got the staying power I need to give my wife orgasms. ViraSurge is fantastic.”

You can bet he’d never want to give that up—and neither will you. Or your wife.

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Which it probably will.

We’ll even pick up the shipping cost.

That’s right… You get FREE shipping on today’s order and ALL future Priority Pass shipments of ViraSurge.

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Where can I Buy Virasurge?

You may purchase ViraSurge pill on their official website HERE.



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