Best Absorbed Glutathione: What You Need to Know 2022

Glutathione (pronounced glue-ta-thigh-own), is a substance naturally produced by our cells from the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamate. Glutathione is present in significant amounts in all our cells, which points to its importance in healthy cell function. This hardworking molecule acts as a major antioxidant, free radical scavenger, and an essential component of liver detoxification.

There are many reasons to add a glutathione (GSH) supplement to your health regimen. But without knowing which format and formulation offers the best absorbed glutathione, you could just be throwing your money away.

Why Choose a Glutathione Supplement

You may be surprised to learn that glutathione is one the most plentiful substances in the human body.

Managing Internal Processes

Glutathione (GSH) helps us carry out a variety of important functions throughout the body. In the liver, for example, it processes out toxins like pollution and foreign bacteria. And in the immune system, it promotes production of immune cells and activates them when they encounter a threat or when we need an injury repaired. 

Fighting Back Against Oxidative Stress

Glutathione is best known for protecting us from harmful oxidative stress. This occurs due to a buildup of free radicals, which are generated by certain cell functions including our responses to stress, injury, and disease. GSH neutralizes free radicals before they can damage cells, heading off oxidative stress and the many negative health outcomes associated with it.

Finding the Best Supplement Format

GSH supplements are currently offered in three delivery methods: oral, intravenous, and transdermal.

Oral Supplements

These are typically tablets to swallow, but it’s unlikely you’ll get much GSH this way since the digestive system breaks the GSH molecule down before it can be used. There are also sublingual drops, which are likely more effective but still unreliable.

Intravenous Supplements

Some practitioners offer IV infusions or smaller vitamin shots to send GSH directly into the bloodstream. However, it seems that GSH provided this way is only active for a short time so it’s likely not your best bet for consistently raising glutathione levels over time.

These treatments are also not FDA-approved and you’ll have to find a qualified facility to administer them, which can be both time-consuming and costly.

Transdermal Supplements

The safest and most reliable way to supplement GSH is through topical sprays, creams, and lotions. These are easy to use anytime at home or on the go, simplifying your health routine. But to get the maximum benefit, be sure to go for one with the most effective form of glutathione.

Finding the Best Absorbed Glutathione Formula

The best-absorbed glutathione is reduced or l-glutathione. This is the same form that the body produces and it’s the easiest for the body to pull from supplements.

Unfortunately, many products only list “glutathione” in the ingredients, which doesn’t tell you which form of GSH they use. To get the most effective formula, be sure to choose one that specifies either reduced or l-glutathione.

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