Origin Mattress Malaysia - Most Comfortable Bed Pillow Money Can Buy


Origin Mattress Malaysia – The Story

The birth of Origin Mattress Malaysia started with founders Gee and Shaun having a sudden epiphany after encountering a problem while shopping for a mattress. This unpleasant first-hand encounter made them empathetic towards others who experienced the same challenges so they decided to come out with a solution. By integrating both cutting-edge innovation and science into their product, the duo invested heavily in their network of expertise, where they carried out intensive research and development to first create the award-winning Origin Mattress. And the rest is history!

Origin Mattress Malaysia - Most Comfortable Bed Pillow Money Can Buy

However, the latest addition to the Origin Malaysia range of bedding products is none other than its much-publicized Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow. With this pillow, you are getting the best of both worlds - all through the integration of natural latex and heat-dissipating gel technology. 

The Coolmax Latex Pillow feels cool to the touch, making it one of the best cooling pillows for hot sleepers. Natural soft latex and special Coolmax cooling gel adds breathability to the pillow and prevents heat retention. Aesthetically speaking, this plush looking pillow will cradle your head comfortably while making you feel like a queen. 

Functionality-wise, its fill of natural latex helps contour to the shape of your head and neck, offering the highest resilience that makes it effortless to shift your head and neck. The insides of the latex are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. This makes it perfect for allergy sufferers to sleep on. The Superior Coolmax Pillow is designed to prevent excessive sweating at night, cooling off both your head and neck in tropical Malaysian weather. 

The cover of the pillow is easily removable. It can be machine washed repeatedly to further extend its longevity. The Tencel fabric infused makes the material luxuriously soft, cooling and environmentally friendly. 

The Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow offers a 7 Day Free Return providing that you self-return to their warehouse. This made in Germany product is covered by a 2 years warranty. 

To buy this product, you can check out their website at www.originmattress.com.my. Or go to their physical stores that are located at selected distribution centers nationwide.

Origin Mattress Malaysia - Media and Publicity

To date, our product has been featured on various social media channels in the local net sphere such as large blogs – albeit with positive reviews from top bloggers.


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